10 Times Disney (Or Pixar) Made You Cry Literal Buckets

Disney movies have a special place in many hearts. However, these innocent movies can get a little dark and can make someone really emotional. If I were to name all of the most tear-jerking Disney moments, this list wouldn't have an ending, so here's my top ten.

1. Mufasa's death: "The Lion King"

No matter how old I get, this scene will always make me emotional. At times, it's still too heart wrenching for me to handle.

2. Jessie gets donated: "Toy Story 2"

As if the song that goes along with this scene isn't heartbreaking enough. Watching Jessie being given away by her original owner has me welling up every time.

3. Bambi's Mother gets shot: "Bambi"

There's nothing quite as heartbreaking as the part when Bambi discovers that his mother is really gone.

4. Carl and Ellie: "Up"

No movie scene has ever quite gotten to me the way Carl and Ellie's love story did. When Ellie dies in the hospital, I cried more that a Disney movie should've made me cry.

5. Sully says goodbye to Boo: "Monsters Inc."

Spoiler alert: Even though they are reunited at the very end of the movie, goodbyes like theirs are never easy to watch.

6. The Incredibles get captured: "The Incredibles"

More spoilers — yes, the heroes do escape but the emotional scene between the family members is a true tear-jerker.

7. Piglet goes missing: "Piglet's Big Movie"

The effort his friends make to find him and how much they love him is so heartwarming that it has me tearing up every time.

8. Lilo gets taken away: "Lilo and Stitch"

Let's face it. If two orphaned sisters being separated didn't make you cry, you're a robot.

9. Baymax Floats away: "Big Hero 6"

"Big Hero 6" has several sad scenes, but nothing really had me sobbing the way the scene where it seems that Hiro has to let Baymax go forever.

10. Bing-Bong dies: "Inside Out"

"Inside Out" is an emotional movie, so emotional scenes are pretty much expected. However, watching Riley's imaginary friend become permanently forgotten had me in tears.

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