Disney was an integral part of many people's childhoods. Disney movies brought us joy, songs to sing, and of course, tears. And even though, some of us are grown up now, there are some Disney scenes that can still have us bawling. So here are 11 Disney scenes that brought us to tears and can still manage to make us to do so.

1. When Mufasa dies in the Lion King

"Dad. C'mon... You gotta get up..."

2. The beginning of Up

A better love story than Twilight.

3. When Sully says goodbye to Boo

And we were sobbing again once Sully was able to see Boo again at the very end.

4. When Somebody Loved Me Sequence

And Emily was Andy's mom?!

5. Bing Bong's death

6. The opening sequence of "Finding Nemo"

7. When Shang finds out his father died

I feel like this scene was so understated, but I know for me, seeing the soldier's faces when they entered the razed village had me in tears.

8. Flynn Rider's death

"You were my new dream"

9. The end of :Toy Story 3

10. Bambi's mother's death

11. When Olaf finds Anna