Disney Is Taking The Next Step To Prohibit Smoking

Disney World is a theme park where kids see their dreams come true. There should be no negativity and distractions. According to WDWNT, "Beginning May 1, smoking areas will no longer be present inside Walt Disney World or Disneyland theme parks, water parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex or Downtown Disney in California." I must commend California for making a step forward to making Disney, simply Disney! Smoking should be prohibited at the most magical place on Earth.

If there is anything I remembered about the idea of Disney World it was a magical place for kids to have fun and not worry about the negative aspects of life. It was a day that all your dreams come true. However, I went to Disney once and I saw adults smoking without concern for others. In Disney, there are some kids with asthma or cancer, and I truly believe that smoking in a kids' theme park is senseless and defeating the purpose of what Disney tries to do for kids.

It is understandable that some people have an addiction to smoking. However, Disney created an ultimatum for smokers. According to the article, "Designated smoking areas will be available outside the entrances of the areas listed above and at Disney Springs in Florida. For guests who have room or dining reservations, smoking areas are also available at Disney Resort hotels." Because of this, kids will be able to enjoy themselves without the smoking atmosphere, and adults who do smoke can do it in the designated areas.

I remember when I first went to Disney. Let's just say I wasn't a child. I went to Disney World in my senior year of high school, as a graduation gift. Better late than never! When I went to Disney with my sister, I did see smoking areas. However, the areas were around kids. I thought that Disney was a place where the adult life separates from the magic of the place. I shouldn't be worried about the smell of smoke affecting me. This also applies to kids who go to Disney. Kids shouldn't have to be worried about secondhand smoke, because secondhand smoke leads to certain types of lung diseases. According to healthychildren.org, "Secondhand smoke can be especially harmful to your children's health because their lungs still are developing. If you smoke around your children or they are exposed to secondhand smoke in other places, they may be in more danger than you realize"

If there is one thing, I learned from Walt Disney himself, "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." If there is a way to cut out smoking at Disney for good, it can be a better place. Every time a kid goes to Disney World, they should have the opportunity to enjoy their selves without small outside problems. A step like this is progress towards a better environment for ki

And it starts with us to make the difference!

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