Disney World Photo Ops

Disney World Photo Ops

A great place to meet Gaston in the daytime, but a fantastic photo op at night!


According to Temporary Tourist, Disney World alone had an average of 52,964 visitors each day in 2014. When totaling the annual amount of visitors that year, there were 19,332,000. With this many people visiting the parks, it’s helpful to know the best photo ops for you, your family and friends! Everyone is always snapping photos and videos at Disney so why not make it Instagram-worthy?

1. The Seas with Nemo & Friends

You probably already know about the Nemo ride in Orlando's Epcot park. However, did you know there was a Bruce replica in the aquarium downstairs?!

2. Inside the Shark's Mouth

...Oh, and you can even go inside his mouth!

3. The Troll in the Gift Shop After the Frozen Ride

If you're not a fan of Frozen and skip out on the ride, don't skip out on the gift shop as well or you will miss a photo op with a troll!

4. Behind Cinderella's Castle

Everyone is always posting their photos in the front of Cinderella's castle when the back looks incredible at night time! Do not miss out on this special nighttime photo op!

5. The Sword in the Stone

Most people ride the carousel and don't even notice the sword in the stone!

.. and if you're lucky, you might snap a photo of the sword actually coming out of the stone!

6. Cinderella's Wishing Well

On the side of the castle, by the Merida meet & greet, Cinderella's wishing well is a beautiful photo op for the scenery and of you tossing in a coin!

7. Gaston's Fountain

A great place to meet Gaston in the daytime, but a fantastic photo op at night!

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