Disney Park Hopping 2.0
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Disney Park Hopping 2.0

You could say I'm addicted to Disney

Disney Park Hopping 2.0
Brianna Doonan

On March 3rd, 2017, I went parking hopping, yet again. What can I say? I am clearly addicted to Disney. I've been five times since 2017 started and I am perfectly content with that. (Wish I had been more). This time, I did the parks a little differently. So here is how my day went:

1st Destination: Magic Kingdom

My friend and I started off the day with some Magic Kingdom. We took advantage of the park's magic hours and started there right at 8 am. We ran right towards the Buzz Lightyear ride and I scored pretty well this time. I made it in the 200,000. Pretty successful, if I must say so myself. We then headed to the Peter Pan ride. I've never been on Peter Pan's Flight so I was pretty excited for that. The ride was not was I was expecting. Being in that high in the air made me think, "how have kids not fallen yet?" Overall, the ride was awesome and I'm glad I only had to wait like thirty minutes for it. (Compared to the 90 minutes it usually takes.) After Peter Pan's Flight, we left Magic Kingdom and continued our journey elsewhere.

2nd Destination: Animal Kingdom

Next stop. the Animal Kingdom. My friend and I arrived there and sprinted for DinoLand. We started by riding DINOSAUR again, however, this time seemed so much more intense than the first time I rode it. But luckily, I wasn't as scared this time. We then stuck out the 70-minute wait for the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. This ride was awesome. We saw a bunch of animals. But, like every other girl, my favorite was the giraffe and the elephants. Though, the African wild dogs were pretty cute, too. The ride was definitely worth the wait, in my opinion. After the safari ride, we concluded our day at the Animal Kingdom.

3rd Destination: Hollywood Studios

At about 12:30 we were already in our third park for the day. Since we had FastPasses for Toy Story Mania, that was our first stop. I had almost beat my friend, but unfortunately, they're pretty good at their Disney games. After that, we headed to the Star Wars ride. The waiting line for the Star Wars ride is pretty impressive. Everything is so animatronic and lively. The Star Wars ride was pretty cool, too. 10/10, would recommend. After that, we grabbed lunch at the Sunset Ranch Market and then made our way to the Great Movie Ride. Another good one at Hollywood Studios. That concluded our Hollywood Studios park for the day. Next stop, Epcot.

4th Destination: Epcot

Finally, we have made our way to my favorite park: Epcot! We started our Epcot adventure with Soarin'. Again, my favorite ride. We then headed to Living With the Land. This ride is pretty awesome. I honestly had no idea that Disney had an agriculture farm within it. After that, we made our way to Spaceship Earth, but first, we tried to beat our high score on the Power City game. However, for some reason, we cannot get above New York. After failing again, we headed to Spaceship Earth (another good one.) By then, our dinner reservations were almost ready so we just made our way around the World Showcase. We at the Bull and Crown in England. If I learned anything from that Epcot trip, it's that I do not like lamb. As the night came to an end, we were going to head back to Magic Kingdom, but instead rode Test Track. Like always, I was nervous about riding it, since I hate thrill rides, but it was fun. Pretty cold at night on the outside track, but fun!

That concludes my second experience Disney park hopping. I love going to all four parks and if you really think about it, within a month, I went on $800 worth of Disney trips. So far, very worth it!

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