Reasons Disney Should Make A Live Action Hercules

9 Reasons Disney Needs To Make A Hercules Live Action Movie

If the live action movies are going to keep rolling, Hercules needs to be next on the big screen.


Hercules is one of the best Disney movies. With the rise of live-action films these past few years, including Lion King, Aladdin, and soon to be Mulan, Hercules should definitely be added to the list. It is a story worth telling again so that the new generation can appreciate it. As well as those who hold it as one of the great Disney films and would love to see it with a real life cast. I know that Disney can do something amazing with this movie.

1. Chris Hemsworth is the perfect Hercules


You can't deny this is ultimate casting.

2. "I Won't Say I'm In Love" being recreated

Wiffle Gif

Because this song is amazing and I'd love to see it recreated.

3. The message is inspirational and needed


Hercules never gave up on finding his purpose, but he was also willing to give up his dreams to help others.

4. Meg is one of the best female-empowerment characters


5. Hercules is a great empowerment character as well


Hercules shows what being a hero really means.

6. Pegasus


Because adorable.

7. The cinematography would be amazing


Seeing this on a movie theater screen would be incredible.

8. Comedy gold


This movie would be hilarious.

9. The love story is worth showing again


They were both willing to sacrifice themselves to save each other, showing what true love is (yes that is a Frozen reference).

Disney, get on this remake ASAP.

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