Discover Yourself Even Through The Circumstances In Your Life

"Dearly Beloved. We gather here to get through this thing called life." When Prince opened his song, "Let's Go Crazy" with this quote, it got a lot of people's attention. When we go through this thing called life, what do you want out of it? Money. Success. Fame. That's all temporary. But as long as you know who you are, that's permanent. It carries you through what your capable of, and how you approach the problem. It can be anything. Yet, it is your job to discover it. Do it through the impossible.

A lot of people say they want to travel to discover their selves. I find it fascinating, and some might find it crazy. My goal is to travel to New York, to see my adaptability to city life. Now, when I shared this, guess what everyone's reaction was? "You can't travel there by yourself!" Now I happen to agree with it, however, I realized when I say a goal that I want to reach, I do to the best of my ability to make it happen. Some people do travel to discover the unknown. I commend those people for doing so! Africa, China, Bora Bora. These are places that I would love to go! Some people do go to these places and have shared amazing experiences. Traveling is a true experience to discover your adventurous self.

Another way of discovering your strengths and weaknesses is reading. I love to read. It's the foundation of my love for writing. I remember I read "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man," by Steve Harvey. It was truly an eye-opener for my worth. When you are in the dating process I highly recommend to read it! It's a guide to see a man's perspective of things, and why they do it. And as women, we can be aware of it. Another book I read, which is the most important book to this day, is the Bible. From the story of Esther to giving me encouragement throughout the day, it has truly demonstrated the miraculous works of God. Now everyone thinks its a book that has sex, violence, and sacrifice. Yet people don't see beyond the reasons. God truly gave us one life to love, and with the Bible, it has shown me to live life to the fullest, yet remember who you are in Christ.

Shocking I know. You can discover yourself through your workflow. I work at my school, and I realized that I am a developer. A developer means that they work the situation out first before proceeding it permanently. When I found out, it made sense. I would list the different options of a project, ask questions, then proceed to complete it. Ask yourself this question when it comes to your workplace. What am I getting out of this job? If it's only a paycheck, it's not the right job for you (unless it's a small job such as retail). If you are truly getting morals and values out of it, it's worth getting up and working hard and smart.

I truly thank God for putting me on this Earth, to realize my full potential. It may not be easy, but it's truly worth fighting for. In any setback, God always gave me a comeback. Which means that I have a reason to get up every morning to dress up, show up, and never giving up.

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