Discontinued Snacks From The 90's That Need To Come Back
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Discontinued Snacks From The 90's That Need To Come Back

If you didn't enjoy these snacks as a kid, were you even truly there?

Discontinued Snacks From The 90's That Need To Come Back

I genuinely take pity on this generation, not because of their addiction to technology, but because they seriously missed out on some of the best snacks known to mankind. Growing up in the 90's, I not only got to experience the bold fashion choices made by Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears as the "it" couple who actually made denim on denim look fashionable, but more importantly, I had the best snacks at my dispense.

So, naturally, when I found out some of my most favorite snacks were being discontinued, I was devastated. I was more devastated than when I found out wearing denim on denim is actually socially unacceptable. However, like denim, I am hopeful these snacks will make a comeback. Here are some snacks true 90's-made foodies can reallyappreciate.

The Wonder Ball

If there was an eighth Wonder of the World, it'd be this snack right here. Also, the only thing "wondrous" about this delectable treat was how many I could eat in one sitting.

3D Doritos

It's 2016 and we have returned to 2D Doritos. Not only was the packaging enticing (I could use the cap as a bowl and not have to do dishes, score!), but these chips tasted better than life itself.

Jell-O Pudding Pops

Let me get this straight, I could eat pudding, on a stick, in the form of a popsicle? How could anybody discontinue this amazingly delicious invention?


The discontinuation of this snack was probably the one that hurt me the most. As an avid cereal eater, my love for cereal stemmed from the creation of this single cereal. This was the closest thing to eating cookies for breakfast. Tragic.

Mango Sour Altoids

Fun fact: mango sour altoids was actually the first food I ever choked on as a child. Despite this traumatizing event, these were too good to give up, so I overlooked the incident and ate probably 10 cans after that. No regrets.

Kid Cuisine

Nothing more appetizing than artificial macaroni and cheese, grey chicken nuggets, and pudding that both looked and tasted like poop. However, as a kid, this was the perfect three course meal (nobody ate the corn, let's be real).


If you had these at recess, you were the big pimp. The day these were discontinued was the day I stopped being a pimp.

Minute-Maid Juice Bars

The only good thing school lunches offered. I also ate a ton of paper from the cheap paper packaging of these bars, but it was well worth it, nonetheless.


This snack was the epitome of hand-held, dip-able snacks. However, I'd take this snack back over the lame cheese and crackers one any day.

All-Star Burgers and Hot Dogs Lunchables

When I say I had it good, I mean I had it real good. I had more than the pathetic rubber ham, artificial cheese on stale crackers, I had all-star burgers and hot dogs. It was like a mini barbecue in my lunchbox.


How could they get rid of yogurt in a spherical shape? It's spherical, spherical.

Cheetos Balls and Twisted Puffs

Something so much more satisfying when there's more puff to my Cheetos.

Philadelphia Snack Bars

If you never got to try a bite out of one of these, you haven't lived life, and you probably never will, since they're discontinued.

Juice in a Barrel

Something so much more satisfying about drinking juice out of a plastic shaped barrel, too.

Skittles Bubble Gum

To be honest, regular Skittles are already so chewy, I never knew the difference between this bubble gum and regular Skittles.

Flinstones Push Pop

If you're not talking Flinstones Pebbles Push-Up Nerds Edition Push Pop, I don't want to talk.

At the end of the day, I'm grateful to have been able to taste and have these wonderful snacks in my lifetime. To the new generation, good luck with trying to top these snacks!

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