My Disability Shouldn't Be A Factor In Dating Me

I'm sort of assuming that everyone wants to find "the one" one day. Someone who would understand you, and love you for who you are, and not have reservations based on what they see.

I have confidence in who I am, and am very proud of myself and what I've become. Regardless, people have, and still, look at me as an object, and not a person. I've witnessed guys that look at me as a "nice, pretty girl", but when they find out I have a disability, they seem to get scared, or turned off.

This used to get to me, as I couldn't understand why they couldn't just like me for me. As I got older though, I realized I wasn't the problem. It was them. If guys couldn't accept that I had Cerebral Palsy and the effects it had on me, then it was their loss.

The first point I would like to make is that I cannot change who I am, and that includes my disability. Even if there was a cure that could possibly change my whole life, I wouldn't take it. Why? Because my disability is a part of me, a part of my body that I've learned to adapt to.

Though my disability is a part of me, it does not define who I am as a human being. I can go on why this isn't the case, but simply put, it doesn't define my personality, and how I treat the people around me.

If you think I'll be a burden to you, then you're wrong. Because no matter what, I can take care of myself with or without you, whether I need an aide to help me through things or not (which some people with disabilities do need, which shouldn't be a factor either).

If my disability comes in the way of your liking of me or becoming your potential partner, then you don't deserve me. Plus, you'll be doing me a favor by letting me go, because I won't have to deal with an ignorant person in my life, and the ignorance you're spreading around.

Although you should know that I do have a disability, and you do have choices on who you want to date, if you can't date me all because of my disability, then it means you have a problem and are holding on to superficial ideologies.

This is not a rant, and no one has necessarily "hurt me," but all I'm saying is that if you want to be with someone, you should accept who they are, and what comes along with it. This includes people and their disabilities.

Note: I am not implying that you should accept any form of abuse from someone you're dating (which you shouldn't tolerate). Thanks.

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