It is a rough road. You go through so many messages, dates and relationships and still getting nowhere. People don't go out anymore to find their one, true love. Majority of dating happens online. Many people don't have the time to go out and meet people. The people who date online, don't take it seriously. They figure " hey, it's online, I don't really know the person, so it's okay to not go further". But, there are others who do give their date a chance and start fresh. When I go on social media, the majority of my friends are either getting married to their high school sweethearts or their boyfriends and girlfriends from college. You barely hear, " We met online". It is hard for those dating online to find the right one because now, there are people who lie about themselves to make it seem like they are someone else. They don't think it's a big deal and do it for fun or if they're bored but, until the other person calls Nev and Max, then you are in for a rude awakening.

Expectation is taken too literally in dating and we expect all the good but in reality, we need to also expect the bad and take it. Some people are picky about who they want to date. People look for their "type". They want someone who is their type until they find out they aren't so nice. People are afraid of commitment. They don't want to hurt the other person because the other person feels like that's what they're capable of. They have been hurt by someone else and they carry that burden on to the next relationship which is difficult. Sometimes, letting go and trying to really make it work can help you and your date. Don't get me wrong, there are probably stories about husband and wives who met on the internet and are happy. But lately, it's like hitting a wall and going nowhere. Hope for better days and all I have to do is let love come to me.