We're Different And Exactly The Same

No, I really don’t think I’m an idealist.

No, I’m not a hopeless societal romantic.

No, I don’t think what I wish was reality is impossible.

We may not share a religion, we may be polar opposites politically, we might have conflict between us in the past or present, we might live totally different lifestyles.

Hell, we may not even like each other.

But I don’t have to like you to love you.

Seems weird? I get that. How could I love someone who I don’t even like?

I don’t love you because we get along, or because we share beliefs, or because we throw down together.

I love you for one simple reason, you’re my brother or sister in this crazy existence of being human.

No matter how much we disagree about the things of the world, now matter how much we differ in perception of the things presented to us, we share the same internal makeup.

We’re both one-of-a-kind in a same way—we’re individuals.

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