You Have Different Friends For Different Reasons

Everyone has multiple friends you go out with, watch movies with and more. Sometimes you have them for different reasons and events. Hopefully, by this list, you can find the ones that remind you of your friends.

1. The partier 

That one friend, no matter what day it is, is always in a party mood. She calls you on a Tuesday night at 10pm and says, "HEY GIRL GET YOUR CLOTHES ON WE ARE GOING OUT TO HIFI AND CHOVIES FOR 2 FOR 1 TUESDAY BIATCHHH!" You can't say no because you know that you'll end up having an amazing time... but the next morning when you have only had 5 hours of sleep and are waking up for an 8am is when you'll regret it. Where's the pedialyte and the sunglasses, you'll never want to drink again, until she asks you to go out on Friday.

2. The rom-com wine night chick

Shout out to your homie that knows you need a girl's night with lots of wine, chocolate, and romantic movies. I have a couple of these friends and always are so excited when they call or text me saying, "I need a girl's night"! You get all of the movies that include, Valentine's Day, How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days and Crazy Stupid Love along with the 5 pounds of chocolate and 4 different kinds of wine. The girl's night has commenced, never say no to a girls night, plus wine drunk is the best drunk, especially with your best friend and chocolate!

3. The friend you can always talk to and cry with

When you're having a bad day or its just a crappy month because "mercury is in retrograde" you know you can always count on that ONE friend to cry about it with. They will always sit there and listen, give you advice, or even cry with you about the same problems you both are having. You know they will always be one text or call away. I always call this person crying, and I know they can't understand what I am saying, but they will just sit there and listen because they know it will make you feel WAY better. So shout out to the true ones who will let you talk about your life, even if it is only about how chick-fil-a only gave you ONE sauce for your fries and 6 piece nuggets.

4. Hang out and do/say nothing friends

Sometimes you just need company when you're hanging out on the couch watching TV. Hopefully you have that friend because its much needed. No talking, no partying, no crying... just sitting on the couch watching tv with some popcorn and a glass of wine or beer. Sometimes this is the best company because if you both are tired or just want to sit and watch a movie on the TV you don't have a friend chatting your ear off.

5. And lastly your BEST FRIEND

So for having a best friend you can talk to them on the daily or if you haven't talked to them ages things will be just like they were when you saw them last. I think of a best friend as all of the friends I have listed above. When you are in a relationship like that, as Kevin Hart says, "your bulls#!t is their bulls#!t, and their bulls#!t is your bulls#!t" So love them for who they are!

In conclusion, I hope you found some similarities and friends that you have in your life from my list. Cheers to friendship!

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