Women From 5 to 75 Answer "What Is Beauty?"
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Women From 5 to 75 Answer "What Is Beauty?"

Can beauty be defined?

Women From 5 to 75 Answer "What Is Beauty?"

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”

I once heard of a statistic that 87 percent of all women over the age of 13 do not feel beautiful. Whether this is accurate or not, it resonated with me. In a society with plenty of challenges, the challenges created by the stereotype of “being beautiful” are in our own control. We can choose whether to believe in our own beauty. We can choose whether to see one another as beautiful, and only you can determine what the concept of beauty means to you.

My friends and I were watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and I found it interesting how some of us found one model prettier than another. I wondered what we based our opinions off of. That’s what led to the idea for this article. I asked a series of different women ranging from 5 years old-75 years old, what their definition of beauty is and what makes them feel beautiful.

Tools which we use to define ideas and words such as Merriam Webster, google, and Wikipedia all have contrasting definitions for “beauty”. Wikipedia’s definition in particular addresses how, “Beauty presents a standard of comparison, and it can cause resentment and dissatisfaction when not achieved” (Wikipedia). Through elementary school, awkard middle school phases, catty highschool, and the rest of life, women are faced with the unrealistic expectations of being beautiful.

The definition of beauty as stated in the Merriam Webster is as follows:


noun beauty \ˈbyü-tē\

the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit : loveliness

: a beautiful person or thing; especially : a beautiful woman

: a particularly graceful, ornamental, or excellent quality

In my personal opinion, beauty is an immortal concept which we all face on a daily basis. Everyone wants to feel beautiful. The definition given by the Merriam Webster found it especially important to mention that beauty coincides with a particular gender, female. I found this exceptional because beauty effects women of all ages. From when you were a little girl trying on your mom’s makeup and heels, to your wedding day and through your old age, you transform your personal definition of beauty. And in hand, the things that make you feel beautiful can change as well. This is what fueled by curiosity to explore the wide range of what beauty is, how it varies from person to person, and how it has such a large role in a woman’s life throughout her entire existence.

Anna R. (19)

"Beauty is when you feel comfortable in your own skin."

"What makes me feel beautiful is when I look into the mirror and admire my own body and style and don't listen to other people's opinions."

Char T. (75)

"For me, beauty is found in so many places, people, and things. It is reflected in the happy faces of new, sweet babies. It is viewed in the beautiful displays of decorations in our homes for the holidays. It is visible in the breathtaking, spectacular sun rising and setting with a mountain scape in the background. It is found in the generous, warm hearts of people giving unselfishly of their time and donations to support programs that benefit others. Beauty is also found on pristine beach scapes void of debris, but where fresh footprints can be seen. Beauty is displayed in the unfolding of each season. There is nothing that exudes beauty more than a bride approaching the altar and her loving groom. Finally, a world devoid of war and terrorism is a world that would be safe and ever so beautiful!"

"What makes me feel beautiful? Sharing special time with those I love and enjoy. Being in their presence makes my heart sing!"

Micah B. (16)

"Beauty is defined by self-love and acceptance."

"What makes me feel beautiful: a cute outfit, when my hair looks good."

Lilly H. (5)

"Beauty is playing dress up and princesses, babies, toys, pretty flowers, and sparkles."

"I feel beautiful when I play dress up and am with my friends."

Jaleh B. (46)

"Beauty is celebrating differences, colors of the rainbow, smiles and smile lines, kindness and compassion."

"What makes me feel beautiful: stacked heels, great jeans, being surrounded by family and friends, sunshine on my face, denim and black, a great blow out, and halter cuts."

Paige M. (19)

"Beauty is anything that makes one feel good about themselves, something that people enjoy."

"What makes me feel beautiful: not to be shallow but anything I need to do in order to look in the mirror and smile or never stop looking at myself."

Hannah B. (14)

"Beauty is a collection of the things that make you feel good."

"I feel beautiful when I have a cute outfit on and when I am pampered (nails and toes, massage)."

Arielle K. (22)

"I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It has no boundaries."

"I feel beautiful when I stand in front of a mirror completely in the nude."

Jasmine P. (9)

"Beauty is what is on the inside. To me, beauty makes you unique and feel better."

"I feel beautiful when I do good on a test or help someone out. I also feel beautiful when someone gives me a compliment on how I look."

Vasia K. (19)

"Beauty is a sense of radiance. It comes from confidence, strength, affirmation, recognition, respect, and love. it can be felt inside and out."

"What makes me feel beautiful: When I am unapologetically myself, I feel beautiful. I, not unlike so many others, have struggled with self love and acceptance, but I have now found that I never feel more beautiful than in those wonderful moments when I am wholeheartedly myself- nailing a strong inversion, waking up in a tent after backpacking for days, laughing with good friends, or just sitting still and being with myself. when ever I feel like my full self, I feel beautiful."

Carmen (32)

"My definition of beauty is someone who is genuine, who has positive outlook on life, and who treats those around them with love and no judgment."

"What makes me feel beautiful is the love and appreciation I receive from my loved ones. Especially my beautiful little boys!"

Michel F. (17)

"Beauty is confidence in who you are. It comes from within and shows in those who are kind to others and to themselves."

"I feel beautiful when I am surrounded by people who I love and respect me for who I am. It is when I am feel comfortable to be myself when I feel the most beautiful."

Kristi H. (48)

"Beauty is being confident, kind, accepting and having a good attitude. These attributes exude self-esteem and goodness."

"I feel beautiful and confident when I'm dressed well. I feel beautiful after a workout when I feel strong. I feel beautiful when I'm with my family because I have such pride in them and they in me."

Andy A. (75)

"Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder! What is beautiful to one person may not seem so to another. Physical beauty can be found in people's faces, in styles and fashion, in scenery and landscapes, but feeling beautiful comes from within oneself."

"I feel beautiful when I feel the love of those I am with, whether it is with a newborn grandchild, one of my own children or "grands" of whom I am intensely proud, or with a dear soul upon whom know I can rely. Sure, a fancy new outfit can boost ones self esteem, but the feeling of real beauty comes from self confidence within."

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