The Difference Between Beating And Spanking Your Kids

The Difference Between Beating And Spanking Your Kids

I was spanked as a kid, and NO I didn't grow up to have PTSD.

First off, I was spanked as a kid, and NO I didn't grow up to have PTSD or be aggressive or mean or emotionally unstable, or anything else y'all think happens when a kid is spanked or popped.

There is a difference between blatantly beating your child and giving them a spanking for misbehaving. I heard on the radio today that "studies have shown kids who were spanked have lower IQ's." My question is WHERE? SHOW ME THE DATA, BECAUSE I KNOW I TURNED OUT JUST FINE. Along with all my other friends that got popped as kids and are very successful adults now. If you don't know the difference between spanking and beating your kids, I encourage you to google it. In fact, I did and here is what I came up with.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, spanking is striking especially on the buttocks with the open hand. Also according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, beating is an act of striking with repeated blows so as to injure or damage; also: the injury or damage thus inflicted.

Now in case you still don't know the difference, spanking has been used since the beginning of time. My mother, grandmother and even great-grandmother have all been spanked and guess what; THEY TURNED OUT FINE. Spanking is a type of reprimand when your kids are bad, misbehaving, or not listening to their elder. Spanking your kids doesn't make your love for them any less, it doesn't make you a bad parent, and it certainly doesn't make you a child abuser.

Yes, you may leave a red mark on their bottom, or they may get a welt from your hand, but they will learn not to do that behavior again. I used to get so annoyed when my mother would say "this is going to hurt me a lot more than it hurts you." I would think, "yeah okay if that were the truth then you wouldn't do it." But hear me out, I do not have kids, BUT now that I'm older I realize that it really probably did hurt her more. Because who wants to see their kid cry? Yea, I cried for a little while, and more than likely had red marks on my bottom from being popped, but I turned out not to be a self-righteous, egotistical, "I'm better than everyone" attitude, spoiled little shit-head.

Beating your child, on the other hand, is illegal. The difference is that your kid has done nothing wrong, but you decided to hit them anyways with the intent to cause harm. You were having a bad day, so you took it out on your kids by leaving bruises on their skin. You didn't like the way they cleaned the house, or they put the dishes away in the wrong order, so you made them bleed.

You got mad and took your hand or any foreign object and beat your kid with it for NO reason. That is the difference. This is the kind of abuse that causes kids to have PTSD. This is the kind of abuse that causes kids to become emotionally unstable adults. This is the kind of abuse that turns a nice, quiet kid into a bully at school because they are just acting on what they see at home.


Some of y'all need to go work with DSS for a few hours and learn what real abuse looks like so you will stop making up stupid reasons for a little spanking to be called abuse. And your kids need to be spanked more often because they act like fools in public.

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Alex Smith And The Great Coincidence

Alex Smith's injury gave Joe Theismann the replay he wished to never see on November 18th.


If you are any sort of sports fan or strong relationship with one, you may have witnessed what now seems to be an unrealistic repeat of history. November 18th, 2018- exactly 33 years after Joe Theismann's great injury-to the day, Alex Smith's leg snapped and Joe Theismann witnessed the replay he never wished to see.

A major family movie in my home growing up was The Blind Side. At the beginning of the movie is the famous tackle of Lawrence Taylor towards Theismann. This play has always stuck out as one that no one wishes to see again. The thoughts afterward are scary regarding your career and family members can only be worrisome.

This possible life-changing play has more than just the date in similarities. Both Theismann and Smith were taken down at the 40-yard line. Not only that, but the final score of both games ended out 23-21. This incident may be the one to convince you that history finds a way to repeat itself even when it's an unnatural occurrence. To add to the similarities, both quarterbacks finished their seasons with 301 attempts.

Theismann's injury occurred at a point in time when technology was still advancing and learning more ways to improve recoveries. In 2018, technology has reached advancement and athletic training specialists have expressed they hope to get Smith on a path where his football career may not be put to an abrupt stop.

At the moment, details of the injury are as follows. Smith broke his tibia and fibula, but because of the bone breaking through the skin, he also suffered a spiral fracture in his leg. Although Smith is predicted to be sidelined six – eight months, Dr. David Chao, who was previously the team doctor for the Chargers, does not see this injury as being career-ending.

The six – eight months off for recovery could bring frustration and hard-times, but also come reap some benefits. Taking time away from a passion within your life can be difficult but with it also allows for more time with those who love you support you. His wife and two sons will have more opportunity to spend with their father and their home life can help had positivity to this hardship.

I hope for a smooth and graceful recovery to Smith and pray technology has improved enough to get him back on the field if that is what he desires.

I also hope history stops repeating itself and keeps accidents in the past, to remain in the past.

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