Well it is about four years too late, but the NFL competition committee "unanimously" agrees that the "Dez Caught It" play in the 2014 playoffs should have been considered a catch. There is only one logical way to solve this issue, restart the playoffs with the exact players on the team and continue the game and the rest of the playoffs from that moment. At least that is what all the Dallas Cowboy fans that I have talked to said should happen. After all of these years of Packer fans saying even if he caught it Aaron Rodgers would have driven down and won the game for the Packers. As a voice for Cowboy fans everywhere I say lets play the game with that counting as a catch and then prove us wrong.

Lets say that Dez caught it and was still down on the 1 yard line, the Cowboys offensive line was having no trouble that game pushing the Packers D-line back far enough to where DeMarco Murray could have just walked into the end zone. With less than 5 minutes left in the game a lot could have happened. Yes, Rodgers was throwing the ball like the true Hall of Fame quarterback that he is, but even if they went down that would have left the Cowboys with enough time to get into range to throw a hail marry at the least. But the stats of this game portrayed that the Cowboys would most likely drive down the field again and score yet another touchdown to put the Cowboys ahead of the Packers 35-33. With little to no time left on the clock the Packers hopes of winning that game would have been slim to none.

The Dez Bryant Catch could have changed the entire outlook of the NFL. Now we are going to say that the Cowboys beat the Packers in the 2014 Divisional Round of the playoffs. Best case scenario, the Cowboys move on to take on the Seahawks in Seattle. The Cowboys had already beaten the Seahawks in Seattle 30-23, the Cowboys would have had a very good chance of beating them again and moving on to the Super Bowl to take on the Denver Broncos. What would have happened at that game will forever be unknown history for the franchise of the Dallas Cowboys.