Demarcus Cousins and his Impending Return

Demarcus Cousins Will Return to The Court Soon And All Eyes Are On Him

What does this mean?


We are now at the halfway mark of the 2018-19 NBA season, and it is safe to say that a lot has happened since October. James Harden is putting up unbelievable numbers for the Houston Rockets and willing them to victory, the Milwaukee Bucks are first place in the Eastern Conference and look to be a serious championship contender, and LeBron James, considered to be the face of the NBA, is rehabilitating from a groin injury he received in a game on Christmas Day. The races for both the Eastern and Western Conferences are both shaping up to be extremely interesting, but there is one storyline that must not be ignored: the return of Demarcus Cousins.

The Golden State Warriors have been absolutely stacked with talent ever since 2015, and it has only multiplied and led to three NBA championships in the past four seasons and the establishment of a dynasty. However, the Warriors added All-Star center Demarcus Cousins, who is coming off a severe Achilles injury from last postseason, to their roster in last summer's free agency, giving the team a starting lineup of five former All-Stars. Yes, FIVE.

Golden State head coach Steve Kerr has stated that Cousins will immediately start upon his return to the court, which is likely to be on Jan. 18 when the Warriors play the Los Angeles Clippers.

Despite the panic from NBA fans outside of Golden State's circle, there is no telling what will happen when Cousins returns to action. An Achilles injury is serious and could hamper Cousins for the rest of his career. He could also falter in their system; there is such a thing as "too much talent on one team" that could derail them. The Warriors have looked strong as usual, but also vulnerable; the team compiled a 27-14 record through the first half of their season and second place in the Western Conference behind the surprising 28-12 Denver Nuggets.

Regardless of what the future may hold, all eyes in the NBA are on Cousins and his impending return.

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Thank You, LeBron James, For Turning Our City Into Something Amazing

You will be missed and will forever have a home in our city.


Dear LeBron James,

Many will be mad. Many will not understand. But know that those of us loyal to you and our city understand you and your decision to leave the Cavs to play with the LA Lakers. Sure, we will miss you, and the Cavs will likely never be the same. Many of us cried when you announced you were leaving again, but really it was because we knew it was an end of an amazing era for us and our city. But you had to make the decision that is the best for your career as a basketball player. We really do wish you the best, LeBron.

With that said, thank you for transforming our city. I think it is safe to say that everyone from Cleveland is proud of where they are from. There is an automatic connection made between people from Cleveland. Seeing someone in a Cavs jersey in a bar, airport, class, you name it, is like seeing a piece of home. I immediately feel connected to the person love going up and talking about the Cavs! So thank you LeBron for making this a reality for lots of Clevelanders. We were not this proud of our city without you!

Also, I want to thank you for helping our city thrive. You brought in millions for our restaurants, stores, etc. in the time you were here. Thanks to you, business in Cleveland has been booming! The area around The Q has turned into a hotspot for new restaurant and Cleveland shops, and The Flatts have been booming as well! And it's safe to say that we owe a lot of it to you, LeBron.

But, most importantly, thank you for teaching our city what it means to hope. After years upon years upon many more years, our city was faced with a drought: a drought of championships. And finally, in 2016, you lead us to one, LeBron. With you leading our city, we knew to never give up hope. And that is exactly what our city needed. We needed to know that hope was not lost, and together we stood supporting you and the rest of the Cavs.

Thank you, LeBron for leading the Cavs to an NBA Championship.

There was not a single dry eye in the city of Cleveland that night. Some may thank God, but I also thank you LeBron because we would not have been able to do it without you. Whenever you were with the Cavs, you gave your all to a sport that can be brutal. You fought for our city, you trained for our city, and you loved our city. Many a time it was hard, and many a time you quite literally carried our team. But you did it nonetheless. For that, we can never thank you enough.

You will always have a home here in the 216 with us, LeBron, and we hope and wish to see you back soon (maybe to play with your son). In the meantime, you best know that our second favorite team (behind the Cavs, of course) will be the LA Lakers because you will be leading them now. Let the haters hate, LeBron. No one has any right to be mad at you for leaving because you did the right thing for yourself after years of putting our city first. Thank you, LeBron. Thank you for making us proud to be from Cleveland. Thank you for calling our city home and for instilling a sense of pride in where we are from. You will NEVER be forgotten.

With love,

A Cleveland-er

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Wikimedia Commons

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10 Reasons We Will Always Be The University Of National Champions Despite UVA Winning The Natty

UNC is still the best


I know that the Division I men's basketball national championship game was on Monday night and that UNC wasn't even in the title game (looking at you, Auburn), but to me that doesn't matter. I am a Carolina sports fan through and through. I have been since I was a little girl. That means that, for me, the Auburn game during the Sweet Sixteen was a hard pill to swallow but will never change my love for my team. The banners and the record books may have it listed as UNC last winning a men's basketball national championship in 2017, but there will never be a day when we aren't the (U)niversity of (N)ational (C)hampions.

1. Once a champion, always a champion

Image: UNC national championship history: How many times have Tar Heels ...

I don't care that the last two years have been less than stellar for UNC in terms of the outcomes of the NCAA tourney come March, but at the end of the day once a champion you're always a champion. You can fight me on that all you want, but you will always be wrong.

2. 44 national championship trophies speaks louder than 1...or 26

Image: The perfect ending to a perfect season': UNC field hockey wins ...

UNC will never just be a basketball school, this year alone we've had multiple athletic programs ranked in the top ten. In basketball, we may only have 7 titles, but in all sports we have 44. UVA only has 26 overall. I may not be a math major but I know good and well that 44 will always be greater than 26. That's all I'm going to say with that one.

3. MJ that's all I'm gonna say


I really don't think I need to add much context to this one. Michael Jordan is the absolute GOAT. Despite no one really understanding the "ceiling is the roof" comment, his prowess on the court is unmatched.

4. Let UGA say what they want, we are the oldest public university in the US

UNC let students in beginning in 1795, UGA didn't open their doors until 1801. So while their charter may have come first, we were the first public university in the United States. Sorry, not sorry.

5. We have the heart of a champion


Win or lose our team is going to give it their all because we have the heart and soul of a champion. If anyone embodied this idea, it was Theo Pinson who tirelessly played his heart out make unbelievable plays from first to final whistle. The Carolina Way (peep #9) is all about never backing down from adversity and having the mentality of a champion from the start.

6. We have Roy ~daggum~ Williams


He may not take timeouts when we want him too, but he knows what the dickens he's doing with those boys. At the end of the day, we all love Roy and his Roy-isms and that will never fricking change.

7. I'll just leave this here

Image: Grayson Allen crying on Make a GIF

When Duke loses, America wins. I don't care what you think, but Duke losing will forever be a good enough reason to justify why UNC is the University of National Champions.

8. Kenny, Cam, and Luke...I don't need to say anything else

Image: North Carolina earns No. 1 seed behind Godly seniors Cameron ...

We are going to hate to see these three go. Don't get me wrong it'll be just as hard to watch Coby and Nassir leave, but these three gave us there all for their time here at UNC. Not to mention their senior speeches had us both crying in the club and falling more in love with them every second.

9. Being champions is just the Carolina Way

Image: The Carolina Way | Tar Heel Pride | Tar heels football, Tar heels ...

The late, great Dean Smith knew what he was doing when it came to basketball. Why would you try to change something that isn't broken? The Carolina Way is a mindset, it's a belief that we work hard, smart, and together and at the end of the day that will produce results. This is a mentality to buy into in both on the court and in the classroom.

10. It will never not be a GDTBATH


If you don't know what GDTBATH stands for then I feel for you, because at the end of the day it will ALWAYS be a great day to be a Tar Heel!

It's been a long two years since UNC was able to cut down the nets as the natty champs, but that doesn't mean we aren't champions. Heck in 2018 our field hockey team won a national championship, so if that doesn't further prove my point that Carolina is a school known for being winners and at the end of the day we may have lost out to Auburn, but in my heart we will always be champions.

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