I've been doing some personal research and some genuine looking at what makes me tick. Well, just like many other individuals, social media plays a huge role in ways that you wouldn't typically think. Thinking of the days I would panic when my data would run out and I would have to disconnect for a couple hours till I had Wifi was an actual fear. But what I have learned in the past year has literally changed my life and how I perceive things. I want to share what I did and how it changed the game hard.

1. Deleted Instagram for 7 months.

- I completely went cold turkey, I had a rough time dealing with a break up so I decided instead of hurting myself by seeing certain pictures I just got rid of it. Plus me like many other girls compare our selves to the "Instagram models" I WAS SICK OF FEELING SAD. Truthfully, for a while I was out of the loop with the kids from back home, but on the other hand I only worried about me and what was going on around me. Now that I have Instagram back I am horribly picky on what I post and I only follow people who make me happy and I enjoy, I told myself if I got it back it was only for the right reasons not the stalking reasons. So far so good.

2. Deleted almost everything off Twitter and Facebook.

- I DO NOT KEEP THE APPS FOR THESE TWO SOCIAL MEDIA. I may have not deleted twitter and Facebook, but I keep them very private, very very few retweets, tweets, shares and etc, I will only post on Facebook if its something big in my life. I don't even keep a twitter profile picture, very private, only follow people and pages that make me happy, no one else. This way people know that I'm alive, but can't judge me or think that they have so much knowledge . I like that stuff is kept more for myself. I also do not keep the app for these I have them only on my laptop if I want to see these accounts. Keeps me off my phone big time.

3. Pinterest

- pinterest is just fun, I don't take that too personally.

4. Snapchat.

- I use to live for snapchat, I've kinda took a step back, I don't reply as much. I have tried to delete it many times, but more than anything a lot of contacts are on this. But sometimes just stepping back even for a week makes you not rely on it as much.

truth, I wish we didn't have social media, but its a social norm now. If you don't have it, you are the crazy one. But, if you ever think of doing this don't be afraid to, its hard as hell at first, but you never know how much more you enjoy events, music and alone time when your not glued to the rest of the world, because right now you just need to worry about you.