This entire year so far has been crazy. So much has been going on: been in a relationship for over a year, living with "bae" in an apartment, and on the verge of graduating within a year while balancing work, home and school. So when spring break came around I was expecting a week of laziness and freedom of avoiding anything college related until that week was over. I was visioning this.

But the reality was this.

With all this time on my hands, I didn't put it to good use. Sure, I caught up on sleep and my list of shows. One of my main things to accomplish during spring break was spring cleaning the apartment.

Of course, stuff happens, things get in the way, and you always think that there will be time. Fast-forward to now, early May and out of school for another good week before my summer classes snatch me up, and my delayed spring cleaning is in full effect.

When I say it is in full effect, I'm going all out. This means cleaning every spot in the apartment, the walls, the blinds, everything I can put my hands on. I became a full-time adult around fall of last year and had to move everything in and adjust to my own place in the middle of the semester. That was a lot to handle and with constantly working or at school, my place hasn't looked the way I planned. The place is clean the majority of the time, but the organizing and decorations is what I can finally contribute now.

I definitely will recommend that everyone who hasn't completed their spring cleaning or still feels some clutter from then, to bust out that mop and bucket, and clean the house down before it's really summer. "A clean house is a clean mind" statement is so cliche yet true. There is a spark of euphoria that I can't explain when you open your windows on a nice day and play your music (I personally prefer classic songs that make me think of summer). Play your music loud as hell and start cleaning up room by room. When you are done, treat yourself to some lemonade.

and treat yo' self with something you want because you deserve it. Having a clean house is like a big jar of coconut oil. Your life will be clean, your car will be clean, your love life will be and so on. Everything else follows after spring cleaning. Caution, if spring cleaning is such a big task for you and you can't finish it all in one day, that is okay. Take it day by day, room by room and it will be done by the end of the week at the latest. Remember, it's your house, and you don't have to impress anyone but yourself.