Definitive Ranking Of Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces
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Definitive Ranking Of Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces

If you love wing sauce, this one is for you

Definitive Ranking Of Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces

Wings are not wings without sauce, so I'm ranking one of America's biggest wing chains to bring you a deliciously consolidated list. Taste away! (Just for the record, if you order ranch or bleu cheese, you're killing the whole entire of point of wing sauce. These all work best alone)

16. Parmesan Garlic

Now, you'd think that an all-Italian girl would love this sauce. Right? Wrong. While dipping your chicken wing into a glorified cheese sauce might make it seem like a beautiful night in Venice with your one true love sipping on Pino Grigio and enjoying a delicious chicken parmesan dinner, it's just not right for this setting.

15. Mild

If you order a mild wing ANYWHERE, you're not a true wing connoisseur. Just blah.

14. Blazin

A good ghost pepper sauce is always a win in my book, but it is so unbelievably hot that you can't even taste any sort of flavor without your tongue going numb. Good for dipping some fries, but not on an entire wing. Also good to send to your enemies if you want them to not taste anything for the next few days.

13. Spicy Garlic

Too much garlic to balance out the spice, not sure why this would ever be a good combination.

12. Sweet BBQ

This literally gave me a toothache. Like, it is actually sweet. It tastes too much like candy to be a BBQ sauce, which already has a lot of sweetness to it, and has a very subdued BBQ flavor.

11. Medium

Nothing special to it, no unique or special flavor, and not as hot as a medium wing should be. Tame.

10. Wild

While I am a fan of this sauce, it earns its low rank due to being the middle child of wing sauces (sorry, middle children). It isn't here nor there. No one in their right mind will ever say to themselves, "Gee, I want something spicier than Hot, but not as spicy as Blazin. Lets go WILD." Nope. Just not happening.

9. Caribbean Jerk

This is somewhat like a Mango Habanero wannabe. I can't quite put my finger on it, but something isn't working. Maybe jerk sauce isn't meant to be spicy? If someone figures this one out, let me know, because it's good but I'm just... confused.

8. Teriyaki

What you see is what you get. And what you get is pretty damn yummy.

7. Hot

Everything a true hot sauce should be. The flavor is A+, and for a classic sauce, this is the best you'll find at any chain restaurant.

6. Hot BBQ

Definitely more BBQ than hot, but still absolutely scrumptious. You will not leave dissatisfied.

5. Bourbon Honey Mustard

Give me jazz music, a slinky dress, and some beads because I am ready to take on Bourbon Street after indulging in this delicious wing sauce. If you love honey mustard, then this sauce is for you — it takes it to a whole new level. If you don't love honey mustard, this sauce is also for you - it has a smoky flavor similar enough to a BBQ sauce that takes the sweetness out of a traditional honey mustard. So. Good.

4. Thai Curry

Jai Ho, anyone? If curry isn't your thing, never fear - America took this traditional Asian flavor and made it their own. It is both adventurous and familiar. It has enough spice to feel like a true buffalo sauce. This is absolutely bursting at the seams with flavor, and so good that it's "lick off the plate" quality.

3. Honey BBQ

Baby, you're so classic. This sauce is reliable and dependable. It is like an old friend that will open their house to you 10 years after you've seen them just because you're rolling through town. It is the tutor/professor/parent/coach/mentor that always believed in you. It is so comforting that your body goes into a zen state while chewing. Xanax who? Get some Honey BBQ sauce to calm your anxiety.

2. Mango Habanero

This was very close to being first, and while it is similar to number 1 in being the perfect marriage between sweet and spicy, it only lacks in its unusual pairing of fruity and hot. But do not let the rank fool you — mango hab is the best of the best, the pop of flavor you've been dying for, and the sauce that takes you on a trip to the Bahamas (in your mind, of course). Swipe this one up!

1. Asian Zing

This is Hot BBQ's sexy older sister. It is all that and a bag of chips. It is everything a sauce should be — medium consistency, a sweet heat flavor, and it even throws in an exoticness with some ginger. The name is perfect; you get that sweet General Tso sauce flavor, and then the spice zings you. The sweet and the heat are mutually exclusive, but pair incredibly together. If you love wing sauce, this is a must-try next time you visit a Buffalo Wild Wings.

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