This past week, my church has hosted a Vacation Bible School and I teach 2nd-6th Grade music. VBS has always been one of my favorite weeks of the whole summer, even out of the whole year. Aside from the "theme song," we teach a song each day that goes along with the lesson and Bible story for the day. As the kids go through VBS, there's always some kind of connection back to the Bible story so, at the end of the day, the kids can tell you what the bible story was and make a connection with it.

On Tuesday, the story was about when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and everyone saw God's power over death. The song for this day was called "We Have Hope." The words are "We have hope, we have life in our Lord Jesus Christ. Can you feel it rising, the power of Christ to save us? Can you feel it rising, the power of Christ in us?" I've heard many, many VBS songs but for some reason, this one stuck out to me and got me thinking.

To me, the word 'hope' means comfort in knowing that Christ will come back and I will spend eternity with him. I know what hope means to me, but it's one of those words where it means something different to everyone and not one person's definition is the same. Because I was curious as to what other people's definition of hope was, I asked my Facebook Friends, as well as some people at VBS. What people said left me speechless. I could keep explaining, but I'll just let these words speak for themselves.

"To have faith that something good will happen"

"Having Only Positive Expectations. Without hope of salvation, there is no life."

"Happy/positive anticipation."


"My hope (trust) is in Jesus that this world is not my home. That I will be reunited with those I love forever! Without that trust, why is my life worth living."

"Something God instills in us so that we can face the world."


"Fearless. Never give up."


"Jesus helps you."

"Have faith."