I define casual sex as, “sexual activity, between two or more individuals undertaken for the sake of the sex itself.” I will focus on the requirements for healthy casual sex, physical and emotional benefits to casual sex, and the benefits that casual sex can make for future relationships.

Healthy casual sex...

  1. Is comprised of consenting adults.
  2. Neither party should have a desire to have a romantic relationship with the other.
  3. The sex should be for the sake of the sex itself, nothing else.

An important thing to point out is that my defense only applies to casual sex that would be deemed as healthy physically and emotionally for all parties involved.

All parties should be consenting adults for reasons that are commonly stated in any situation where the question about ethicality of sex is asked. Consent presupposes that alcohol has not been abused, and the sex is desired by all parties, which also excludes negative types of casual sex that disregard consent. If all parties have no desire to have a romantic relationship with the other(s) then it is unlikely that an issue will arise where one person feels used by the other on grounds of feeling romantically attached. Neither partner will be able to convince the other to have sex when they do not want to by making them think that they won't have a chance with them later down the road. The sex should be for the sake of the sex itself, meaning that no one is having sex with the other person for some other purpose including but not limited to: financial gains, political influence, revenge, etc. If the sex is for the sake of the sex itself then the participants are definitely making a decision that they all desire.

Healthy casual sex is incredibly beneficial for people physically and emotionally and to detract from the benefits of healthy casual sex because there exists a form of casual sex that is unhealthy is absurd. The physical benefits of sex are well enough known that it is clear that when the right protection is used sex can be only beneficial. Emotionally casual sex allows for the same sexual relief as one would get in a relationship but without the stresses that come along with a committed relationship. Casual sex can create a medium for one to practice one's sexual communication and other such sexual skills so that if one gets into a committed relationship it is much easier to find one's partner's boundaries and to have a healthy sexual conversation with one’s partner.

In the end there are a couple things to keep in mind when talking about the argument for casual sex. First, it has to be healthy, as long as all parties are following the guidelines set in place for healthy casual sex then there is no reason to be against it. Secondly, healthy casual sex is healthy for the individuals involved; physically, emotionally, and it builds sexual skills for future relationships.