I'll Defend 'Game Of Thrones', Even If The Last Few Episodes Hit Us Like Winter
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I'll Defend 'Game Of Thrones', Even If The Last Few Episodes Hit Us Like Winter

Did the series do a good job this time?

I'll Defend 'Game Of Thrones', Even If The Last Few Episodes Hit Us Like Winter
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SPOILERS WARNING: If you have not watched the whole season 8 of Game of Thrones, do not read this. I will be going in great detail about what happened in the last episode of the series. So, unless you want to be told about what happens at the end, do not read this. With that set, let the rant begin.

Okay, so the episode starts right after Dany commits an unnecessary mass genocide in King's Landing. She gathers her troops and declares that the fight is not yet over, alluding to the possible killing of all those whom she still considers her enemies. As she gives her monologue to the Unsullied and the Dothraki, Tyrion gives her looks of doubt, preoccupation and anger after witnessing all of the destruction she caused in the previous episode. As a result, Tyrion walks up to her in the middle of her discourse and in front of all of her armies, he admits that he liberated Jaime Lannister and then he throws his pin, officially announcing his renunciation to his job as the queen's hand. Obviously, Dany sends him to prison and sentenced him to die for treason. As these events play out, Jon does absolutely nothing. He just sits there without showing a single sign of resistance or disagreement at what's happening, and as he does that I can almost read what's on his mind "she is my queen."

Now, this is one of the biggest flaws this season has. Jon becomes an almost useless character, right up to the point he kills Dany. My problem with Jon is that in this season specifically, he remains way too naive, even after all of what he has gone through and seen Dany do for power. To this point, you would think that a character like Jon freaking Snow would have grown both emotionally and mentally but this season he demonstrates the opposite. He just remains blinded by the love he feels for Dany, who is also his aunt by the way, and even after watching her essentially banish all of King's Landing, he still goes around saying "she's my queen." I mean, come on, it took a mass genocide and a bunch of people trying to convince him that his 'beloved queen' is not the person he thought she was in order for him to realize that she was insane. To me, he is just way too naive, innocent and thus incompetent at times.

I'm convinced that had it not been for the witch, Melisandre, and his impressive fighting skills, he probably would have never made it this far on the show because he continually lets his innocence cloud his judgment, which to me makes him a pretty foolish character.

Another massive flaw this season had was the turn of events after the killing of Dany. I mean everybody knew it had to happen in some way or another, she had lost her mind and her tyrannical tendencies, turned a lot of people against her, including the deadliest person of the whole show, Arya Stark. Seeing Arya doing the deed (killing Dany) would have made a lot of sense. After all, we witnessed her all the destruction of King's Landing through her eyes as she was desperately trying to get herself and others to safety. Now Jon Snow killing Dany actually surprised me because based on what I had previously seen in his character and in the 7th episode, I did not really think he would do it.

However, what I think it should have happened right after he killed her was the sudden entrance of Grey Worm. Imagine how cool would that have been. Seeing a flying lance going into Jon's chest or seeing a fight between these two would have been epic. They already had some beef going into the episode, why couldn't the writers let these two fight it off? It honestly would have added some excitement to a seemingly uneventful episode and it could have played a massive part in determining a better ending. Instead, the writers decided to let Drogon melt the iron throne and then let Jon Snow be Grey Worm's prisoner. And to be honest this does not really make sense considering Jon should have become king the moment Dany died because by birthright he was the one true heir. With that aside, after 3 weeks there is a meeting held between the remaining Lords of all the big houses to determine who will be the new king and to discuss Jon Snow's fate. From my perspective, this is when the show just gets it wrong. In the meeting, you can see Tyrion being escorted by Grey Worm, who comes in demanding for Jon Snow to be killed immediately for what he had done.

This is when Tyrion says for us, the audience, what it needs to be told to Grey Worm that being "it is not for you to decide." After he says this he suggests that before anything can be said or done the House Lords should select a new king first. Up to this point, I was loving Tyrion's participation in the meeting, but then he proposed that Bran should be king simply because he had "the best story" out of everyone present. Now, what made me question this suggestion is the fact that Tyrion barely even had a relation to Bran, so why on earth would he suggest that in the first place? And secondly, almost half of the people seating at that meeting had a better story than Bran "the broken." Additionally, let me reiterate that it does not really matter what political affiliation all these characters may have because by birthright Jon Snow should still be king. The fact that he killed Dany does not really matter, plus all the council members should know by now Jon's true origins because of Varys. But all the council seemingly decided to ignore the heredity of the throne because not all of them were on board.

Now, when Bran is selected as king he chooses to send Jon Snow to the night's watch in order to protect the people from who knows what because the white walkers are gone. This to me is outrageous, because even if Jon was naive and definitely not the smartest character, he is still a hero of many wars, battles and on top of that he is still one of the most well-known and most-liked figures in the whole 7 kingdoms, thus, in my opinion, he deserved a much better judgment. The saddest part is that they decided to judge him like that just because the Grey Worm and the Greyjoys wanted "justice". That was really disappointing for both Jon and the audiences because everyone knows Jon was the one who protected humanity, unified the wildlings with the northerners, and was able to make a lot of very strong ties throughout the show to just end up like that? Wow. All I can say is that at least to me that is not very coherent. He could have been king, resigned because he did not want to be king and simply gone to the north with Sansa and maybe even let Bran be king, so it would have played out in almost the same way. I just believe that the way the series handled Jon's fate was definitely not the best.

Nonetheless, I am not saying that this ending ruined the whole series because it did not. Regardless of how GoT ended, it was a phenomenal ride and it should not be judged fully based on these last few episodes. It is still one of the best series I've ever seen and there is no denying that it was outstanding as a whole. Therefore, we should still be grateful for what we got from the writers, producers, cast members and all of those who contributed to the making of this show, so thank you GoT.

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