The new school year is almost upon us! I mean it feels like just yesterday I was thinking of what I was going to do over the summer and now that I've accomplished almost nothing on that list, I'm starting to stress over what this new year has to offer. With that being said, a lot of you are probably moving dorms or maybe even into a new apartment this year! How exciting! However, some of us, me included, aren't moving and that means that no more redecorating for us. Or does it? Here are some tips to help you spice up your room even if you don't want to go overboard or spend that hard-earned summer cash.

1. Photos

This is a super easy, and inexpensive way, to jazz up your space! This summer you probably racked up all kinds of fun pictures with your friends and probably even some nice ~artsy~ ones. Replace those old photos from last year to make your room seem a bit fresher. Pro tip: printing your photos at Walmart is super cheap and they're super nice and glossy. Just what you need to brighten up your space.

2. Move Around

If you can, try moving your furniture around! Even if you keep the same decor and furniture, just moving it around in your room can make a huge difference! And who doesn't like to pretend they're decorating on their hit HGTV show? Just me? Okay, moving on.

3. Plants

So maybe you're thinking: Rebecka, I can barely keep myself alive and you want me to take care of plants?! Well never fear, even if you can't take care of living plants there are options for you! Fake plants are relatively cheap (I know that IKEA have a great selection) and they had a little something to your space. Get creative, hang some from the ceiling or keep one by your floor mirror.

4. New Bed Stuff

Okay, yeah that sounds a bit vague but bear with me. If you want to spice up your room nothing will do that for you quite like a plush looking bed! Pick up some new pillows, get a stylish throw, or maybe even splurge on one of those Urban Outfitter's bed spreads you've had in your wish list since Freshman year.

5. Decorative Lighting/ Candles

This is probably my favorite item on the list, or items I should say. Candles, even though they can be expensive, are a great way to cozy up your space ( I mean duh, but sometimes you need a reminder). Also, not to sound to girl-in-college, but string lights and lanterns are ALWAYS a good idea. Those overhead lights that come in your dorm or apartment NEVER provide good ambient lighting and no one needs that negativity in their lives.

So no matter what your budget, you can always find something to do in your room that will spice the space up and make you excited for the new year ahead!