I Declare War Against Millennial Politics
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I Declare War Against Millennial Politics

Your safe space will never defeat reality.

I Declare War Against Millennial Politics
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In high school, I would always have debates with my father arguing that my generation was not screwed. He would always go on to tell me that my generation is the most self-entitled, carefree generation in existence. I had the belief that this was total nonsense, I truly believed we were up and ready to do incredible things: we were mature, we could help the world, we could work together, and take this country to where it once was...

Then I went to college:

Dad, you were right.

Millennials murdered debate. I became aware through the last few months they do not know how to speak as humans. They are bullies, and they have been taught that to win in politics, you must push down anyone who disagrees with you and treat them like they are the new Francisco Franco, but chances are they do not even know who he is. College Millennial Liberals use simple tactics to defeat and degrade anyone who stands in their way, however, I know their tactics, and if you do too, you can counteract this ridiculous agenda and we can make our generation get on track again. (Trigger warning, multiple Margaret Thatcher references, just because)

1. Name Calling

Nothing, and I mean nothing is more low than calling someone out of their name and not having evidence for it. For instance, the most world renowned word they love to use is, racist. This is literally the most offensive word you can call an American. If a millennial calls you something along this boundary, it is not a debate anymore, it's war. If you call me a racist just to fill your political agenda, I have the right to call you a terrible human being. Does racism still exist in the U.S.? Of course. Are there things that need to be conversed about? Absolutely. Are many policies said by Trump ridiculous? Sure, and I deserve to express what I feel about Clinton and Sanders. But, your pathetic scapegoat will never work to change another persons views. If your only tactic is to use words like Racist, homophobe, bigot, islamaphobe, fascist, you automatically lost in true politics. Do you want to know how to win a debate? Improve your argument. Do research, look up statistics, but most importantly, listen to what the other person has to say and listen to their views. Facts matter. Otherwise you are truly

2. Destroying the First Amendment on Universities

Stories of this are becoming too common. In February, Conservative Political Analyst, Ben Shapiro, was invited to California State LA to give a statement on why certain types of diversity should not be supported, such as diversity of morality, and that diversity of skin color should be the only important thing in life, basically giving the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to not judge by the color of ones skin but by the content of their character. Without listening to his actual rhetoric, college workers tried to shut down his speech, by creating a protest, and building a human wall so people may not enter. Even liberals who simply wanted to hear his opinion were indeed pushed down and were called fascists. The speech still happened, but they would not stop, they pulled the fire alarm to stop it. Don't believe me? By all means, watch.

Nothing is more ironic than a bunch of self entitled millennials screaming "NO VIOLENCE " in your ear till the point of you falling onto the ground. This does not only happen to Conservatives. Philosophy professor and well-known feminist Christina H. Sommers, was asked to speak at Columbia University expressing her belief that the gender wage gap and "Rape culture" on college campuses are flawed. Did students of different political beliefs listen to her speech to discuss this important issue in a calm and respectful manner? No, students petitioned to remove her from campus, saying they felt "unsafe" in her presence. But Dr. Sommers isn't that afraid, stating in a tweet, "Want to close wage gap? Step one: Change your major from feminist dance therapy to electrical engineering. "

This belief to dismantle the First Amendment from College campuses is turning into a virus, with universities such as Michigan that are now condemning free speech. The school in 2015 spent $15k for their "inclusive language program" where students sign a pledge to not say specific words at any time around the University. Some words, sure, make some sense to debate, but most people go on the odd side, with words like crazy, idiot, and insane. In Greek times, University was created to be able to speak your mind, learn from others, and make mistake through human nature. Now, it is a place to tape your mouth, shut up, and listen to what I have to say. We are turning into Juan Peron's Argentina and Mao Ze Dong's China, where if you question their morals, you are condemned for it. But, we believe it is all fun and games, by blocking traffic to not let people listen to other people who have a different opinion than you.

So wise! Because you know, chances are there weren't any people who weren't even going to the Trump rally and were just going to work or picking up their children. Did any of you even think about what would happen if an ambulance tried to rush through? No, because you're self entitled millennials.

3. Safe Spaces and trigger warnings

This terrifying phenomena was been spreading like a virus across college campuses around North America. In general, a Safe Space is a designated room in which students may go into to avoid the opinions and rhetoric of others. In these rooms are typically objects like play-dough, meditation music, and bubbles to calm the students down from hearing the "hatred" of others. This became iconic by the protests of last fall at the University of Missouri. During these protests, Safe Spaces were created on the college grounds by students and employees linking arms and creating a giant circle to not let reporters from entering (Once again, no 1st Amendment rights). During this time, the YouTube video of the infamous professor went viral as she famously yelled "I need some muscle here" as she found a reporter try to record the gathering. She was fired after this.

I find this completely ironic, wouldn't you want people to record your protest so they may actually see what you are fighting for? Safe Spaces have now become riddled in controversy, such as some students of color at Claremont McKenna College wanting a Safe Space from people other than their race, and this heart breaking video of a Chinese Immigrant wanting to express her distress with the racism she has dealt with. To her dismay, she was silenced, in a Safe Space.

But it does not end here. Some college students now have to be warned if they are about to here something they may find offensive, this is commonly known as Trigger Warnings. Trigger Warnings are now trying to be enforced into college literature and classes, meaning Professors must warn their students at all times if they are about to say a word they may not like.

I can understand some reasons behind these ideas, may it possibly stemming from actual persecution, may it being a different sexuality, religion, etc. But, there have been resources made by the Universities with actual professionals to help you, it is called counseling. Many of these Safe Spaces do not have actual professional's inside them, but only other people who have fears of others ideas. All I can say when I hear about this is,

Let me tell you something. I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and I have been suffering from this depression disorder since childhood. I did and still do at times feel triggered by others ideas, may it be politics, lifestyles and so on. But, what I chose to do was not to lock myself away from humanities thoughts, but I bravely spoke to a professional and was taught how to deal with others. That is what we need, to be taught how to deal and to speak with others, that is how we achieve greatness.

My personal message to self-entitled Millennials

If you are reading this, and you are one of the pathetic bullies or thugs who try to silence those who disagree with you, know that you do not scare me. Your Safe Spaces, trigger zones, and hurtful, patronizing words will never stop me from saying what I believe.You choose to not listen to others because it is easier, and you are afraid of challenge. Everything has always been given to you and all you give to the world is pure, grotesque hatred. If you try to create a human wall to block my opinions, I will red rover you all down.

Going to college is a privilege that I and many chose because not only will it help us achieve an incredible career (if we work for it) but also to be enlightened by the views and lives of others. I love debate, I love conversing and hearing what others have to say, because I know we can learn from each other. Nothing upsets me more than when I here someone say they'd rather not share because they are afraid to offend. This is all your fault, and you should fell ashamed of yourselves. Change your poignant lifestyle now, or the Real World will run you over. If you choose not to and hide somewhere that everyone agrees with you, and everything is sunshine and lollipops, fine, but know that I will give you a cheerful wave goodbye, while speaking my mind, as always.

"I love argument, I love debate. I don't expect anyone just to sit there and agree with me, that's not their job"- Margaret Thatcher

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