A Declaration Of Love
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A Declaration Of Love

My heart is hurting for people who are hurting after the election.

A Declaration Of Love
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My heart is hurting today. I’ve seen some of the nastiest things written all of over the internet. Name calling. People pointing fingers. Judgment and hate from every which side. I’m sad to say I have even seen it from the body of Christ. What are we doing?

Look, people are going to disagree with us. People are going to have different opinions than us. And people are going to hate us. We have one choice and one choice only—Love. Love people who think differently than you. Love people who have opinions that go against what you believe. Love people who hate you. Love people. Love. I cannot say it enough.

Our nation is divided. That is painfully evident. There is disunity in this “one nation under God.” And we can rest assured that it will not be by anger, name calling, or aggressive Facebook posts that we see healing in our country. It will be our love for one another that facilities healing and unity.

I’m writing this because I don't know what else to do. I don’t really know how to help.

People are hurting. And we just can’t ignore that. Republican, democrat, independent—these labels don't matter right now. We share the image of God. We share our humanity. We share this life. We share this moment in history. So, we have a responsibly to one another. We have a responsibility to drop our pride and reach across to those who are hurting, to those who are mistreated, to those who are scared.

I’m speaking to Christ followers here specifically. I am challenging you to love like Jesus. I believe that we can see unity again. I believe love can melt hearts and bind wounds. I believe this because long ago, there was a veil.

And somewhere I read about a veil that was torn.

I believe that we should reach across to our neighbors in love. ALL of our neighbors. We have a responsibility to ALL people.

Somewhere I read “for God so loved the WORLD.”

I believe in that love. I believe that we can be better. I believe that we can start something that will spread through this country…

We can love. We can be a safe place for those who are hurting. We can open our doors to receive those who feel like they have been stripped of their worth.

We can be Jesus’ hands and feet.

As I said, I don't really know what else to do. I won’t minimize what is happening and act like its all going to be okay. This is going to take hard work. This division and disunity runs deep. People are truly hurting. People are lost. People are scared.

So, we will pray. We will love in grace and truth. We will not give up because I serve a God who loves people. I serve a God who is passionate about people. I serve a God who is alive. I serve a God who calls me to love him and love others.

So, in obedience and faith that is what I will do. Will you?

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