I made a deal with my friend last semester. The deal was that I would try and stay at Niagara for another semester. During that semester, my friend and I would live together, and I would want to stay because I was happy with where I was. I am currently still at Niagara and do not plan on leaving anytime soon, but I do not live with my friend anymore.

The two of us are still best friends, but I made the decision to move out this week due to us not getting along. This does not mean that we aren't still friends, because we sure as hell are, and that is not going to change. Unfortunately, we aren't compatible to live with each other, though. We have colliding personalities and very different schedules. I like to be alone, and she likes being with people. Even though it's really sad that we can't live together, it's awesome because now I have another room to stay on campus.

The reason I'm writing this is to say that living with your best friend is not all its talked up to be. It's a sleepover that never ends, and you will and do get sick of each other. This doesn't mean that we don't love each other because we do. It just became a realization that living together was not healthy for our friendship. We still spend every day together, but at night, we now go to our separate rooms so we can do our own things. My roommate will always be my roommate, and I will always be hers. Now, we have more place to sleep on campus when we have late movie nights, but our original room will always be our home.

Living with my best friend Nikki was one of the best experiences I've had, but to make sure we appreciate each other now, it's best we have our own place.