December is a month of mystery. Will I cry tomorrow? Will I binge watch Netflix? Will I bask in the Christmas spirit? I clearly have mixed emotions about this month. Maybe it's because I ate my weight in mashed potatoes during Thanksgiving break. Maybe it's because I'm in complete denial that finals week is approaching. Maybe it's just because my Christmas tree is more lit than I am (sorry that was corny, but seriously, I haven't left my apartment in days). Either way, December is weird and unpredictable. The only way to truly exemplify the inconsistency of my December emotions is through the cast of "The Office".

1) Coming back from Thanksgiving break 10 pounds heavier

2) Hating yourself for choosing to eat 3/4 of the Thanksgiving pie instead of getting a head start on studying

3) Being reunited with your roommates after only a few days of being on Thanksgiving break

4) Realizing that it's the last month of school and you can't procrastinate any longer

5) Going out and ignoring how slammed you are with responsibilities

6) Getting your exam schedule and realizing that you have all of your exams on one day

7) When your professor gives you a study guide for the final two weeks in advance

8) Realizing that you blinked and football season ended

9) Thinking about those teachers that fit in a final test the week before the final

10) Having no shame in using the cold weather an an excuse to not go to class

11) Barely having enough money to finish out the semester

12) Your teacher goes over the final chapter and it's the hardest material that's been covered all semester

13) When someone mentions a Christmas-themed party

14) When the bars tempt you with good deals when you should be studying

15) The overachiever in your class sends out a study guide

16) Finding someone in the library who has a test at 5 P.M. on the last day of finals week with you

17) That one teacher that makes the final optional

18) Realizing you have no time to Christmas shop for your friends and family

19) Packing for break while studying for finals

20) All of your friends finish their exams early and leave for break without you

21) Leaving your last exam

22) Heading home for break