To My Younger Sister
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To My Younger Sister

It will always be a bigger blessing than it is a curse.

To My Younger Sister

I've sent my sister off for another semester of college, this time at 3 AM from a Waffle House (#love).Pieces of my heart always tend to travel with her. It never fails that as we get older I tend to more and more reflect on my role as an older sister.

When I was younger I was more annoyed by her than in awe of her. Middle school years I was too obsessed with getting through my pwn awkward phases to prepare her for hers. By high school we could claim to be friends even more than sisters. Then by the time I left for college I feared I hadn't done enough. All the sudden I feared that I hadn't done a good job at being a sister. Had I given her enough wisdom from my own mistakes and tearful trials? Were there enough secrets shared and late night drives to show I cared? Did I tell her I love her in all my actions, words, and deeds? Would it all be enough as she went off to face the big, bad world of college and life.

Because now here I watch her do her own growing up. She makes her own life choices; good and bad. She's had her own broken hearts and tearful nights to contend with. My very best friend can't be protected by just me any more, the world is out there and she's smack dab in the middle of it. Older sisters have no magical powers believe it or not, even when I believed I was all she needed to be ok. Now it's me whose not so ok as my little sister does start to grow up. So, for all the little sisters out there this is all we big sisters want to give you.

Strength. May your battles never be fought alone. Even if it's not me who you need to fight them with I hope you have people around you to love, encourage, and support you. Never doubt how strong you are.

Love. Never let a boy define you. I pray for your future spouse and dream of the man he will be. May he let you be you, as free as you have to be. That he won't complete you but compliment all you are. That you will be as unconditionally loved as I love you.

Dream. Dream big and dream hard and don't let the world tell you otherwise. Even when you don't know what you're doing with life know God has paved it for you and you just have to seek it. You will find your place in this world.

Cry. Let your life be filled with the good and bad kind of tears. Allow time to mourn broken hearts, damaged relationships, failed tests, and all circumstances to come. The dark, lonely nights come but in the morning a new sun rises. Also cry because you've laughed too hard, loved too much, and have found overwhelming happiness.

Lastly, know your older sister is always there. When you want her to be and you don't. Even when you think it's things she doesn't want to know. I have loved you since the days I was annoyed by you and loved you each day more. I have the biggest dreams for you and the greatest love. You've impacted the woman I am today and I can only hope I've done you well as your older sister.

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