Immigrants Aren't Stealing Your Scholarships And Your Jobs.
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Immigrants Aren't Stealing Your Scholarships And Your Jobs.

Dear white people: This is something I believe we hear far too often.

Immigrants Aren't Stealing Your Scholarships And Your Jobs.

If you get easily offended then maybe you should stop reading here.

We've all seen several Twitter posts of undocumented, graduated seniors with 4.0+ GPA's and full-ride scholarships to top schools in Texas and around the United States. These posts have caused controversies all around Twitter and other social media platforms. There's an outrage because according to these ignorant white folks, the "criminals" are stealing scholarships from all the white people who probably never did their homework or applied to a single scholarship.

I don't want to get started on the whole immigration talk because things can get too heated.

What I want to address is that these undocumented students have not stolen one single thing from you. They've seen how hardworking their parents are, how their parents left their loved ones and moved countries to provide them with better opportunities their country couldn't. I am sorry that your privileged life is threatened by these hardworking people. Actually, I'm not sorry, not even one tiny bit.

To that Fox Sports reporter: yes, Mexicans are smart and we might work cheap labor to support our family. We will literally work any job to earn money while you go off and enjoy the benefits of us mowing your lawn, building your houses, and cleaning the stupid mess you leave.

I am not sorry that undocumented Latinos are getting educated when you expect them to take your order at McDonalds.

They are just as human as you are.

You see, immigrants work the jobs you white folks don't want to work. Look around and observe the people who cook at restaurants, who cleans your house or workplace, who mows your lawn, who takes out the trash, who builds your house, etc.

Yet, you want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo thinking it's Mexican Independence Day, support a bimbo who will probably burn down America to ashes if he becomes president, and think every Hispanic/Latino is Mexican while ignoring Central and South America.

Dear white folks, learn to speak Spanish because every day America is getting diverse. I am tired of hearing people yell "this is America, learn to speak English!" If Latinos make an effort to learn English, why can't y'all learn Spanish?

You know what, while I'm at it, I will also speak out on something else.

Dear white people, please learn to distinguish different people and learn their names. I'm pretty sure that if you can remember the lines to high school musical, you can remember that your cleaning lady isn't probably named Maria and that every Hispanic/Latino is not Mexican

Also, letting me know how you love Mexicans, tequila, Mexican food, and you have one Mexican friend doesn't make you diverse at all.

It's 2016 y'all, we shouldn't even be having these issues.

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