Dear Coach Tyson Summers,

Actually, I might retract the coach part. I believe you've been anything but a coach this year, honestly. Wait. Make that two years. With your 2-11 record in the past two seasons, you begin to wonder how can you even call yourself a coach. You have the players who have the talent. Stop trying to be everyone's best friend and start being a real coach.

This season Georgia Southern University is 0-4. The last time that this happened has been quite a long time. Actually, the last time we had this kind of season, it's been said that we shut down our program completely. Tyson, what are you going to do when the Georgia Southern athletic board stops giving money? Where are your scholarships going to come from? Where are you even going to get recruits from? Here are your answers Summers: You won't. You won't have a solid program.

You have put a D1, rising team in the toilet.

Actually, maybe a few feet under the ground.

Stop trying to be a buddy. Be a coach. Learn to push your men as hard as they can go. Learn to live with the traditions this amazing school has. Learn to respect your players and the talent they bring to this team.

Faithful season ticket holders are unable to handle the upset of these last two seasons and have begun giving up their tickets because it's not worth the money anymore.

However, we can't blame this all solely on Summers. We have TK and Herbert to blame as well. When will our administration see that football is the basis of this school? Academics are important, but football is the main money draw to Eagle Nation. The more we lose, the more we lose athletes, the more we lose money.

It's that simple.

Administration, please, I'm begging you. Find a coach who will bring us back to victories again.


A concerned, yet true, Blue Eagles fan