Dear Soon To Be Legal Adults

Dear Soon To Be Considered Legal Adults,

I hope you are in for a reality check. Just because you turned 18 doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want....especially if you live in your parents house still (which is totally fine, I am 26 and still live with my mom due to financial stuff and just not being able to move out yet). Maybe you decide to go to college, which if you decide to it's just (in my opinion) just an extension of high school, except without having your parents tell you what to do. View it how ever you want to view that statement, it is kind of/sort of/maybe a little bit true. But, again it is just my opinion. If you decide to just go straight to work when you graduate from high school you will end of working with (unless you are super lucky) other teenagers in retail or customer service type job. Who knows, I could be just talking out of my ass, but I would like to think that I know a little bit about being an adult.

So, let me turn this around to you reader (yes, I am breaking the fourth wall) what do you think it is to truly be an adult? Turn 18, get married, have a baby, graduate high school or college, or is it something different? Financial Stability is a big dear and moving out of your parents house is a definite step to becoming an adult Reader, maybe it's the ability to get a tattoo, without parental signature. Regardless of what you think becoming an adult is to you personally here is some advice from an already legal human being.

You can be tried as an adult in court, so don't kill anyone. The decisions you make when you are 18 years old will stay with you for the rest of your life. The person that you are in love with may not be the one that you end up being with forever (I am sorry to break the bad news). Cherish the time you have with your family and friends because their time on this earth may not be as long as we want it to be. I know it has been difficult watching my grandparents age and having my brother pass away at the age of 26 (I was 23 at the time). Money becomes a big deal, a bigger deal than you will want it to be. Having a job is almost essential for yourself to live a productive life. Having a significant over is nice, but not required. And the idea of having children is more real than ever.

All I know is, if someone said become an adult you say, it will be fun they say, I would not believe them. Becoming an adult is difficult, hard, and not an ideal situation. But, we all do it. We all age at one point or another. So, for all of you soon to be legal adults; don't be stupid and welcome to the circus.


A legal Adult Trying To Do Good In The World

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