Dear Roomie
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Dear Roomie

Have I ever told you how fortunate I am for you?

Dear Roomie
Paris Morris

I remember this time last year very clearly. It was when I started hearing from colleges and started joining the Facebook pages for admitted students. The majority of the posts on these pages included brief introductions of admitted students looking for a roommate. They all consisted of the same basic thing, hometown, what you are studying, hobbies, favorite shows on Netflix, etc.

While a lot of people found their roommates through this method (s/o Madison Mansour), I found my roommate a little differently.

My mom went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was in a sorority. She is connected with her whole pledge class on Facebook. A few weeks after my commitment to the University of Michigan a sorority sister of my mom posted on Facebook saying that her daughter committed to Michigan. So my mom messaged her sister on Facebook saying that her daughter was going there too. They then gave each other our phones numbers and I decided to text this girl and hopefully make a friend for the next year.

We ended up hitting it off super well and after texting for a few weeks decided to be roommates.

And ended up becoming really good friends.

Dear Roomie,

As I am writing this right now we are having a movie night and sitting and gossiping. We could have gone out tonight but decided to stay in and have a girls night instead. I like this better anyway.

The more and more people I meet at school and the more and more I hear about their relationships with their roommates and how horrible they are make me really appreciate you.

So thank you.

Thank you for trying not to wake me when you are getting ready for class at the crack of dawn.

Thank you for not getting mad at me when I ate all of your pomegranate popsicles - still planning on getting you a new box, don’t worry.

Thank you for sitting on the floor with me and eating chips and queso at 1 am on school nights.

Thank you for listening to all of my crazy shenanigans and not making it too obvious how much you are judging me.

Thank you for doing crazier things than me occasionally so I don’t seem that crazy.

Thank you for all the free yummy meals when your mom comes to town.

Thank you for dragging me on spontaneous trips to Chicago when we are sitting in our dorm room bored for the weekend.

Thank you for helping me with my new transition to eating in the dining hall - it is quite the struggle and I really appreciate your help.

Thank you for being my person.

Love Always,

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