Dear Mr. President,

Understand that I do not agree with you on many of your platforms, and you may not have been my first choice to fill this office. However...

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that we have thrown aside patriotism and turned to violence because our team didn't win.

I'm so sorry and embarrassed that my generation relies so heavily on the democratic process, yet won't accept it when things do not go our way.

I'm sorry that on the day of your inauguration we disturbed the peaceful transfer of power with riots and protests.

I'm sorry that we disrespected our democratic system and our country while the whole world watched.

I'm sorry that the media takes information and distorts it to increase their audience rather than to inform the public.

I'm sorry that we caused conflict and confusion in order to prove a point, rather than lay down our differences and unite when our country needed it most.

I'm sorry that we have expected the fight for civil rights to be easy when groups who have fought for civil rights before us have NEVER had it easy.

I'm sorry that we have confused our rights and power as women with a means to undermine men and demand things we want to be a part of everyone's agenda rather than supporting free thinking- even for opinions that are not our own.

I'm sorry that in the next four years of your term you will be ridiculed and fought on every choice you make just like many of the Presidents before you.

Mr. President, I am committing to you today that I will be politically informed. I will educate myself using sources, reliable sources, instead of social media and opinions. I will exercise my right to vote and encourage others to do the same. I will not pitch fits because I do not get my way. I will not cast blame on others.

However, I will expect you to do the best job possible as my president, and I will do the best job possible as your fellow American to know, understand, and exercise my rights. I believe if my generation will commit to this... America will be the greatest that it has ever been.