Dear Niall Horan, Thank You
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The boy band phase, its safe to say that I definitely went through one. At 16 years old, I was busy saving my money in hopes of getting One Direction tickets. I was immersed in a fandom so much bigger than myself.

As I went to college I still followed the five boys who captured my heart.

I'm currently a third year in college and Niall was coming back to Michigan for his Flicker World Tour. All summer I debated on going - he was coming the first week of classes. But nonetheless, I bought a lawn ticket and decided to go. As my friend Rachel and I drove down to Clarkston, we relived that phase.

We got down to Clarkston in record time, had dinner and were anxious with excitement. We pull into DTE, and it all becomes real. We walk up and get through security. We start to walk in hopes of finding a good spot on the lawn. When an usher stops and asks us where our tickets are. We tell her we're on the lawn and she asks us if we would like to upgrade. My heart felt like it dropped to my stomach. We quickly said yes, and thanked her. Rachel and I both call our families freaking out.

We start to walk, excited to see where are new seats would be. Our original seats had been on the hill, our new tickets had us under the pavilion to right. Rachel and I freaked out once more, we couldn't express how blessed we felt. The concert kicks off and the night truly begins. Marren Morris - his opening act - crushed it, despite how under the weather she felt. It didn't seem real, despite being there it was an overwhelming feeling. When Niall comes out, it's safe to say we fell in the love with Irishman even more.

For those who have followed One Direction, you know they have stayed very humble despite there success. Niall was no different. He was just as blessed as we were to be there. Ironically, Taylor Swift was playing at Ford Field the same night. He thanked us repeatedly for coming to see him and supporting him. For as big as the venue was, it was a very intimate setting. The night goes on and he tells us to have a safe drive home.

There was severe weather brewing north. As we exit, we see the kind women who upgraded our tickets. We thank her once again and get a picture with her. I asked how it works. How do tickets become upgraded? And who determines that? She quickly said that is all up to the artist, there were extra tickets and he chose to give them back to the fans.

So Niall, thank you. Thank you for being an amazing human and choosing to do that. I don't think you understand how happy you made so many girls feel. Thank you for staying humble and doing this tour for us. Thank you for allowing me to be able to experience such a surreal night. She also said in terms of how she selects people, she believes it's up to God. She said that a lot of girls were made very happy that night. Kindness is a simple thing, it often gets forgotten. But Rachel and I won't ever forget this.

The night didn't just end there. We had our own mini Taylor Swift concert in the car on the way home. Due to bad weather, we had to get a hotel. Even the morning after experiencing all this, its hard to believe it actually happened.

I went through the boy band phase and I could be more blessed that I did. It has brought me friendship, laughs and priceless memories.

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