Dear Mr. Mayor...
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Dear Mr. Mayor...

New York City longs for justice.

Dear Mr. Mayor...
Daily News New York City

While in college, I have felt in my heart the call to fight against injustice, something that I want to dedicate the rest of my life to.

And I am starting now. I am participating in the Injustice Boycott, which is a global community of forward minded thinkers who strive for change. During phase 1 of the boycott, we are protesting against cases of injustice in New York City, San Francisco, and Standing Rock.

Each day I am given a task that I can do from Minnesota that will help in the boycott. This week, one of my tasks was to write an email to the mayor of New York City, Mr. Bill de Blasio, regarding what he needs to do in order to being more justice to his city.

I felt compelled to share and educate others on the present reality in New York City, so here is my letter. Please read and consider joining the Injustice Boycott. They need everyone they can get to fight against injustice. Take advantage of this opportunity to change your world right from your couch. Disadvantaged peoples are begging you.

Dear Mr. Mayor,

I hope that you and yours are having a blessed holiday season in your beautiful, wonderful city.

My name is Emma Smith and I am a freshman at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. I am a Justice and Peace Studies major with a minor in American Culture and Difference. Even though I have never been to New York City, the pictures and movies and stories have shaped my image of the city.

My image of your city is a place where love trumps hate. It's a place where communities form to fight for justice for all. It's a place where people shouldn't have to fear those who protect them.

Therefore, given the current circumstances of injustice, including the justice department and racism, I have to tweak my picturesque image of New York. I need to make demands all the way from St. Paul because your citizens are living undignified lives.

You MUST fire NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo. He killed Eric Garner in cold blood, leaving his family and people all over the city on states of unrest.

Rikers Island also needs to be addressed. The fact that there are inmates who have had to wait more than 3 years for their trials does not uphold their constitutional right. On another note, how is an institute like Rikers Island helping these inmates heal? These prisoners have clearly been abused by the system and by the ways of the city itself. Therefore you must shut this place DOWN. It is not adding anything positive to your city. There must be another way to go about the prison system.

The Broken Windows Policing is extremely unfair to marginalized groups in your city. How is another organization that helps those who do not truly need it making your city a better place to live? Please examine the true purpose to this policy.

Please consider these issues as we continue to live in this world of civil unrest. The world and your city needs strong leaders like you to make an impactful difference to those who need it most.

This is a cry for help, Mr. Mayor.

Thank you for your time,

Emma Smith

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