*Just a side note* We are in the midst of NEDAwareness Week. This week is a week to bring awareness to a mental illness that does not hide from the light anymore. This year, the theme is about early detection and early intervention. If sharing my own story inspires someone, if sharing my own journey helps just one person find the light, then I will not hesitate. If you or anyone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, the NEDA Helpline is available at 1 (800) 931-2237 and nedawareness.org contains resources and support as well.

My sweet fighter, I am truly sorry. You do not deserve the pain that you went through, that you are going through. You do not deserve the hurt. It is not your fault, it is your story. You are more than your past, more than your struggle. You are stronger than the thoughts in your head that race through the hours of the night when the moon talks to the earth.

My precious fighter, I promise that there will be brighter days. When the fog seems too thick, remember that those are just clouds intended to temporarily block your path. It's simply little drops of water that are forming to intimidate you. Seventy-five percent of your flawless being is water, so do not fear them. Absorb them into your gorgeous skin. You are fluid. Your thoughts do not restrict you, you can rise above them.

My little fighter, do me a favor. Believe. Hope. Love. All of those emotions that you are afraid to feel, release them. Trust in someone, confide in yourself. Those rays of light must come from within before you seek them from others. Be your own beacon of hope. Step into the darkness and create the light, do not follow one.

"In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.”
– Abraham Maslow

Darling little fighter, choose to step into the unknown, down the untraveled and prepare yourself to stumble frequently. My sweet fighter, be prepared to kick, punch, and fight like a bat out of hell to battle through. I know your mind is a petrifying labyrinth of twists and turns with pitch-black corners. Safety may seem appealing now but in the long run, your haven will kill you. It will back you into the corners of your maze and feed off of your insecurities. You have the power to fight it, to send it back to the depths from which it rose.

Fighter, you are strong. You are worth it. Your demons cannot hurt you so long as you do not give up. Do not give in. Do not give up.

Fighter, you are beyond your years. The knowledge of a million universes lies within your body, within your mind. Fight fire with fear and combust you insecurities. Ignite your motivation and burn your hardships. However, my fighter, do not erase those struggles, for they created you.

My little warrior, from your past, rise from the ashes and become born anew, ready to take on future struggles. Life does not exist in a vacuum and will not shelter you from harm.

My strong warrior, you are surrounded by those who care about you and want nothing but the best for you. Prove to them that you desire greatness just as much as they do. Prove to yourself that you are strong. Despite the fact that those around you can easily notice your persistence, you yourself need to recognize your greatness. Realize that your internal power exceeds any external force in your life.

My relentless warrior, regardless of your past and present, your future holds bright as you rise from the ashes of your demons, ignite your motivation, and create your own light to guide yourself through. Though you may feel that those around you are a necessity, remember that they are simply blessings. Though you may not want to, you can exist on your own. And though you may fear the outcome, you possess all of the knowledge in the world with which to fight your demons and conquer.

Dear little fighter, you are so much more than your fight. Do not let it consume you, do not let it define you.

Dear little fighter, you are a warrior.