Judgement Towards A Plus Size Yoga Instructor Is Not OK

Judgement Towards A Plus Size Yoga Instructor Is Not OK

A letter to a rude client in one of my classes

Leah Richards

Dear Judgmental Person In My Yoga Class This Week ,

I hope I just caught you on an off day and that in real life you are not that much of a jerk. Also, I forgive your apology for being so mean to me as well as the rest of the plus size people in the room. We all wish we could be as thin as you are (not really, but the sentiment is there). Also, the next time you come into any yoga class, maybe be a little open minded to all different body builds and sizes. Just because I wear a size much larger than your significant other, doesn't mean I am not in shape and healthy. But, since I was unable to tell you (it being too unprofessional and what not) I have no thyroid, narcolepsy, and fibromyalgia causing me to be plus size and losing weight is hard for me. But, regardless if I was thin I have a feeling you would have judged me for something else that you didn't agree with.

I wish your mind was more open and accepting to the different types of people in this world. The different types of people that teach yoga classes and the nonconventional way I do and will always teach classes. No, this doesn't make me everyone's favorite yoga instructor, but that's OK I don't have to be everyone's favorite teacher. And by the way (about to throw some shade in your face) you didn't do that side angle pose correctly, but when I came to try to correct you your response was, "No, go away." To that I think fine, OK, enjoy back problems in twenty years. But, despite all of this I hope you enjoyed class and thank you for teaching me what I never want to act like in a yoga class. But, regardless have a wonderful day and I hope my class taught you that plus size people can indeed do side planks.


Your slightly offended and plus size yoga instructor

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