Dear Indian Parents, Please Stop Saying These 10 Irritating Things

Dear Indian Parents, Please Stop Saying These 10 Irritating Things

Things that Indian Parents say that can annoy their kids to no end.

The most common stereotypes portray Indian parents as individuals who meddle a little too much into their kids' personal affairs to the point where the term "helicopter parents" is a large understatement. As a teenager, that can be greatly infuriating and a cause for emotional distress (besides school of course). Don't we all deserve some privacy? Here's a list of nettlesome phrases that Indian parents tend to yell . . . I mean, say.

1. "It's because of your phone."

Apparently, taking too many selfies can cause a headache and spending too much time on the web can cause mental retardation. You better hope you don't come down with the flu, or else your phone will be taking the blame.

2. "A 90? That's terrible!"

No, it's really not, especially when the class average for the test was a 72 and most of my friends failed. But of course, you do not know that.

3. "If you do not study well, you will end up flipping burgers at McDonalds."

First off, I get decent grades. Second of all, my decent grades are good enough to get me into Georgia State University at the least. Third of all, the lowest paying job I will ever get offered after college will most likely pay me 10 times the wage of a McDonalds worker. So chill.

4. "Don't talk to boys."

Not every guy dresses like Soulja Boy and sells drugs on shady street corners, I promise. There are some good guys out there, even if they are hard to find.

5. "[Insert family friend's name]'s son/daughter got into Harvard."

Good for them. S/he is a freaking genius who took 16 AP classes, was the President of Student Council, and got a perfect score on the SAT. Now, if you will excuse me, I will go retrieve my self-esteem from the bottom of the dumpster.

6. "Stop pacing, it's not good for the house."

Oh, so me circling the living room is going to summon the most evil of demons from the pits of hell? That's great, I'll go get my camera.

7. "It has too many calories."

I just really wanted that pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks because all of my friends have been talking about it, but since (according to you) drinking one will probably kill me, I'll just stick to the healthy, organic food I have been eating for the last 16 years.

8. "You don't look like you are studying."

So I, with my textbook propped out and my notes scattered everywhere, do not look like I am studying? Well, what does studying look like then, pray tell?

9. "When's the report card being sent home?"

Oops, I think I lost it. What a terrible loss, but I promise I had all A's.

10. "You should be a doctor or engineer."

Um, I think I should be whatever my heart tells me to be, meaning if I want to be a journalist, then I should be free to do so without judgement or criticism.

If you have annoying Indian parents that do these things, just keep holding on. You are not alone. Hopefully in the future, they realize the error of their ways and accept the fact that sometimes the way they speak or act can drive anyone insane.

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