Mrs. Clinton,

My Facebook feed, my twitter feed, Tucker Carlson's show have all mentioned your interview at a recent women's forum by a NY Times editor. It seems as though you're still blaming everyone except yourself for why you lost to President Trump. Well I'm here to put it as politely as I can;

It's not us...

It's you.

(You can call this a sort of, break-up letter.)

It's because YOU were a terrible candidate. It has nothing to do
with your 'success' (if you call your millions donated from the Middle Eastern countries that stand for everything you SUPPOSEDLY stand against... "Success") but it has everything to do with you.

It's the self-indulgent whining like this that is the exact reason you lost. You spent more time looking for excuses, when you should have spent that time trying to figure out how to get back to your roots. You should've spent more time focusing on finding that inner Midwestern hospitality (being born in Illinois and all, you can't change where you came from.) and show us that you cared about the average voter... But you couldn't, because you didn't.

You could've connected to the average voter instead of bumping elbows and trashing Trump with Hollywood elites, or voters in strictly blue states. You missed all of your opportunities to market to the swing states. You missed all of your opportunities to connect to the average voter. That's no ones fault but your own.

You were going to be Obama 2.0 and continue with his failed policies, and we finally said what needed to be said in 2012..

We said no.

And guess what.... No means no.

One example of many reasons why a lot of us didn't vote for you:

You defended a man who raped a 12 year old, all the while smearing her character. Yet, you campaign for 'Women's Rights' ????????????????????????? And speak about 'Rape Culture'???????????????????????????????????????????????

Hill, it's not because you're successful that most of us can't stand you. It's because the average voter is tired of being treated like we're incapable of making our own decisions by the left.

We're tired of being treated like it's your way or the highway. Guess what, somewhere along the line you forgot, you work for us.

So it's our way or the highway. And we sent you to the highway, or the woods, wherever you went. All I know it wasn't the White House.

I hate to disprove your theory, Mrs. Clinton, it's 2017. People love successful women, as long as they're successful women who treat everyone as human beings. Not just cater to the people who fit their narrative. In fact, many successful women liked among society, don't have a political narrative to follow. They're just good, quality human beings.

(EX: Joanna Gaines. I will leave you to do the research if you don't know her.. You could learn a lot from her on how to be a decent human-being).

I think it's time for you to, 'go back to the woods' and do some soul searching. Figure out really why you lost. THEN let's talk. Let's talk with one another, rather than at one another.

We're tired of being talked AT.

We're tired of being told how to feel, especially by some of the most hypocritical people to play the game. That's what this is to you;

it’s a game.

Well, on November 8th, America said it's no longer a game. It's our lives, and we're taking charge again. We're putting America first.

This means the safety of all of our brothers and sisters. No matter what side of the political spectrum you are, I value your safety as a fellow American. I will fight for your safety over the safety of Syrian refugees till I'm red in the face. And guess what..

It’s okay to put America first. It's normal. It's expected for a current President or Presidential candidate to value the safety of your countries citizens FIRST.

Hop off your soap box, rub some dirt on it and move on.

Truly successful woman don't
play the victim card and use their gender as an excuse, they figure out where they went wrong and how they can fix it for the future. Not wallow in self-pity and blame it on us, 'deplorables'.

I hope you get it one day, Mrs. Clinton. I really do. I would love to see the day we have a female president, just as long as she's a truly successful woman without a shady and hypocritical past filled with more lies than truth. It will happen one day; I'm just glad it wasn't you.


A Young Midwestern Woman Fed Up With Your Excuses For Why You Lost.