I'm A Woman And I'm Not With Her

I'm A Woman And I'm Not With Her

For Hillary Clinton to represent our nation as president of the United States would be a disgrace.


Dear Mrs. Hillary Clinton,

As a female and a United States citizen, I would feel betrayed by my country if you were put into office.

Okay, that was a little harsh. Let me explain myself. Somewhere between the lies and the betrayal against this country, I decided my vote would not be going to you.

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Although I would love for someone of my same gender to represent our country, I can wait. I will wait for someone that is able to truly show this country what women in power have the capability of doing. I will wait for a woman that is genuine, honest and DESERVES to be put in the history books. I will wait for a woman who DESERVES to be looked up to by the youth of this country. You may be "qualified" to be president of the United States politically, but that does not mean you deserve it or are the best candidate for the job. My vote will always go to the candidate who is best qualified to not only lead this nation but also to the candidate who stands out as someone worthy of being idolized when in office and will set an example to our nation.

I could go on by stating every stand point you have chosen and why I do not agree with you, but that is not what this is about. This is about you not being able to take on the presidential duty of being someone our nation is able to look up to. Starting with staying with a husband that cheated on you to now lying about your private email server, you do not deserve to be looked up to by the women or men of this country. The biggest mistakes Donald Trump has made during this campaign was talking negatively towards and about women, and as you always like to point out, not releasing his tax returns. But here the difference between you and him, his mistakes did not threaten national security and put every American life at risk. You say you want to lead the Americans, yet you do not care enough about us to resist putting millions of our lives at risk?

I look back at the past, and many of the presidents make me glad to be an American. Although it was not my vote that put them into office, it makes me proud of my fellow Americans and helps me truly believe in the American democracy. That was until now. The fact that you have the opportunity to lead our country makes me question our government and the way we run our democracy. I may hold our country to a high standard, but I do not think asking for an honest candidate is too much to ask for. You deserve to be in jail, not leading our country.

Although my vote will be for Donald Trump in the upcoming election, in no way is he the perfect candidate either. He just happens to obtain many good qualities in places that you lack them. He is very honest, he says things how it is and does not try to cover up the truth. Unlike you, Donald Trump did not risk my life by improperly using a private server and risking national security. Although he may be blunt and talk about women in degrading ways, at least he didn't defend a rapist and ruin a woman's life. Not to mention the other victims that rapist now has the ability to attack, I hope that 1975 case was worth it to you because it ruined others' lives. So who is the better candidate here Hillary? Who truly has the American's best interest at heart?

Nothing to take personally, I just do not think you are the right women to lead this country. You do not set a good example for the citizens of this nation, and you do not deserve to be put in the history books with 44 of the most inspiring men to ever live.

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