Dear girl who is always homesick,

I understand how you feel, I am always homesick too!

I grew up being extremely close to everyone in my family and 24 hours changed that. I will always miss the people back home, the smell of dinner in the kitchen and the sound of my dogs barking. I will miss parts of home forever. I will not miss having the same melancholy days over and over again. I will not miss seeing the same faces every day at school. I will miss my family. I will miss my dogs. I will miss my bed.

I am always homesick.

Being homesick doesn't mean that I don't love life in college because I do! I love college, my new friends, my sorority, my big, and the ice cream in Garst! I love the freedom I have and the fountain on campus. I love the fact I can leave and come back to my dorm whenever I want. I love that my classes end early and that there is always something to do! I love Missouri State! I love the Bears!

But, I am always homesick.

A part of me will always be in my hometown, apart of my heart is in every place my siblings and parents are. With so many pieces of my heart in other places, it's ok to say that my heart isn't whole so I am homesick. And that is ok! Because I know I have a home here at Missouri State, I have a home in Dallas, I have a home in Arkansas, and I have a home at my home.

You are and will always be homesick when you have so many different homes to visit and be a part of. And being homesick is ok because it doesn't mean you aren't having fun and loving life, it just means that parts of you can't be here because they are too busy making sure you stay connected to all your other homes.

I will cry every time I leave home, I will talk about transferring. I will not mean it but I will in those time of pain I will say anything that I think will make me feel better! All in all, I will cry a lot. And that's ok.


A girl who gets it