Dear Future Little

Dear Future Little,


I know you don’t know me yet, and we might not have talked a whole lot, but I am so ready to help you fully dive into the world of sisterhood.

Sisterhood is something that is precious to me. Having a group of women who are like me, who pursue their dreams with the utmost passion, who fight for what they believe in, who love so deeply that anything they love almost immediately becomes precious—it’s something irreplaceable, and I hope you will eventually come to feel this way too. It’s a wonderful feeling, that sense of belonging.

My journey into sisterhood wasn’t easy, and yours won’t necessarily be either. Transitions into something new are always rough at first. But I can promise to be there every step of the way, to encourage you when you’re feeling low, and to give you a hand when you’ve fallen down. College is hard enough; you certainly don’t need to fight alone.

You’ll love our little family. These women have given me a home and made me laugh, and I know they will do the same to you. You’ll have stories to tell your friends and family, and we’ll have ones with you, too. It’s a shared experience, and it’s one I hope you never forget.

Reveal is only a couple days away, but I’m very, very excited.

Welcome to sisterhood.

Yours truly,

Your Big

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