Dear Freshman Dorm...

Dear Freshman Dorm...


Dear Freshman Dorm,

First of all, thank you for providing me a home throughout the longest and most difficult 8 months of my life. This place became my home away from home, a permanent residence in a virtually new town.

Thank you for providing me opportunities to get involved. From ice cream socials to mandatory floor meetings, the halls were always full of joy and energy. Thank you for the always hectic study rooms and overcrowded living rooms, because here is where I met some of my very best friends.

Most of all thank you for the safety and comfort you provided. Although the air conditioning and heat never seemed to be working properly, and the elevators were always slow in times of hurry, this place was a perfectly imperfect roof over my head.

Who ever knew that hundreds of girls could live together and create bonds that could never be broken? I am forever grateful for my neighbors, elevator companions, and lifelong friendships that I have made along the way, because they are whom I will remember most. From waking up to a random person's alarm, to the fire drills in the middle of the night, we survived together and will leave with thousands of memories.

To the RA's; thank you for not always being nice. Suddenly venturing out alone is not always easy, and they made the transition as smoothly as possible. From “get to know you" games to holding us accountable when our rooms are messy, they are and will always be our “parents" away from home. Also, thank you for the encouraging bulletin boards and random treats, little bits of kindness meant so much when I was feeling down. Thanks for giving us strikes when we forgot our keys late at night, and for making every “guest" have an escort, I understand now that safety was the upmost priority.

Freshman year would never have been the same without the dorm life. Messy laundry rooms and disgusting bathrooms honestly aren't so bad when you compare it to the memories, friendships, and amazing experiences you provided us.


Any Freshman Girl

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13 Style Mistakes Every Girl Made In The 2000s

Hide your selfies.

1. Crimped Hair

2. Straightened Side Bangs With Curly Hair

3. Jeans under skirts

4. A "poof" with two braids

...thanks Lizzie Mcguire

5. The solo "poof" with straight hair

Lauren Conrad made this acceptable, right?

6. All silver or light blue eye shadow

7. Too Much Eyeliner

8. "Emo" hair

9. Ponchos

10. Tank Tops Over T-Shirts

11. Those "shrug" Half Sweaters that tied in the middle *cringe*

12. The uggs, graphic t, jean skirt, and leggings combo.

13. Stretching our tank tops way down under a tight T-shirt... Layers are trendy, right?

Cover Image Credit: College Fashion

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Dumb Bitch Energy: Do You Have It?

Excuse my very heavy over use of the word 'bitch' in this article. Sorry, mom!


I think the most important thing to start with is that the word bitch does not have to be a bad thing, a word is just that until you make it mean more. For me, I feel like being able to openly describe myself as a bitch is empowering like I'm taking it back from anyone who has used it negatively towards me. It might not make a lot of sense to anyone else, but it makes me feel like I always have the upper hand.

But let's get down to the good stuff, dumb bitch energy. If you're a woman anywhere from 18-25 you have experienced the dumb bitch energy moments. It's like if big dick energy had a femme cousin who was just kind of... a dumb bitch. I want to follow that statement by saying that I don't really think any woman can really make a conscious stupid decision, I think that it just comes down to want versus a need.

For example, every single woman knows an 'F.W.B' isn't really beneficial at all, in fact, it is the epitome of how to mess with your emotions and hurt yourself. But every single time, we just tell ourselves that it will definitely be different this time. But, it never is. This is a dumb bitch energy mood when you actively know that Kyle from Tinder is really cute but doesn't want you for what you actually are... c'mon sis. You know what's going on. You do not need Kyle from Tinder, he is just a placeholder. If he texts you at 2 AM he isn't thinking about how dope your personality is and you as an adult woman know that. But you choose to hit him up regardless because he is so fun.

Or when you know you have an assignment due in an hour and a half but like why not take another shot? You know why know but sometimes it is that dumb bitch energy that jumps out and bites you right on the butt. But the good news is that you are not alone, other women have felt the power that is.

To sum up your new favorite phrase of 2019, dumb bitch energy is when a woman, normally a boss bitch of sorts, makes an active regrettable decision. But we are not alone, knowledge is key. Now, we can work together toward actively saving ourselves from the 'D.B.E'

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