Dear Fitbit,

Well, it's official. I have fallen head over heels for you. Not only do I think I am the picture of health now, but I already feel more accomplished hitting 10,000 steps on a regular basis than I do finishing a paper. You are basically my mother while I am away at college in that you have a way of making me feel guilty about my inability to have a consistent sleep cycle.

I believe it necessary to admit that I know very little (ok, nothing) about heart rate normalities. The closest I come to being knowledgeable on health rhetoric and information are my roommates' nursing textbooks that are sprawled out around the house. Other then that, I could be having a heart attack and be unaware of it. My Fitbit, however, is making me more aware of my heart rate norms. Apparently, climbing the stairs should not be so strenuous and I probably should go to the gym more frequently. Until I actually follow through on such a commitment, I will stick to doing laps around my room at 11:55 p.m. in order to hit my 10,000 steps.

It disappoints me to hear that some have grown tired of tracking their activity and sleep patterns. Sure, having a product that tells you how lazy you are being can be a drag, but I feel that it is better to know. I would hate to be out of the loop. I also wholeheartedly disagree that such a technology as this could give way to obsessive tendencies (please do not read too much into the laps comment I mentioned earlier).

There was a brief moment in time when I considered getting a different sort of watch/activity tracking device: one that more specifically recorded the type of activity I was doing. This was a short lived idea, though, because I am a creature of habit and do not have a wide set of recreational past times. As a result, you, Fitbit, are the perfect fit more me (get it?).

I think I could write about you all day. Unfortunately, I have been sitting still for far too long, which means you will soon guilt me into doing some sort of physical exertion. Thank you for making me a little less lazy Fitbit, keep doing you.


Former Couch Potato