Dear Family I Will Be Seeing, Here Are Your Answers

Dear Family I Will Be Seeing, Here Are Your Answers

These are the brutally honest answers to the inevitable questions you will be asking.

Dear family, I will be seeing this coming weekend, I know you will be asking me many questions due to the year that has passed. Many things have changed since we last saw each other, and assuming you do not have me on Facebook (or even those who do) there may be many things you do not know about me. Surely you know the questions you ask are cliche, but they are normal and there is no shame in asking. Because of this, I have taken the time to answer your inquiries before we meet so we can save time and be on the same page.

If you are reading this, know that these are not suppose to come off as rude. These are simply the most blunt way to answer your questions and answer every aspect you may ask out of interest or just to be polite. You might even learn more through this article than asking me in person because I’m being brutally honest, which I would never do in person.

How is College going?

  • It’s going great. I’m at a community college working on a transfer degree, and as of now I have a 3.2 GPA. I go Monday through Thursday and get out at 12:45 Monday and Wednesday, 11:15 Tuesday and Thursday. I am taking biology, english, a media glass, and a tech class. I enjoy college a lot more than high school because I am doing classes I enjoy that have to do with my custom interests. I am working ahead and currently five weeks ahead in my tech class and slowly working ahead in english. Yes, writing research papers are hard but it’s only because of my professor. Writing is fun for me, and comes naturally, but my professor talks a bunch. Eh, what are you gonna do?

What’s your major?

  • Communications. Yes, I know to not get involved with fake news. To be honest I will do my best not to write about politics at all in my field because I want to get involved with entertainment journalism and meet new people and write about stuff I actually enjoy hearing about twenty-four seven.

Have you gotten your license yet?

  • No, I haven’t. I’ve been working very hard in school and my license in on the backburner. When I have time to focus on my license and studying on that, I will. I don’t want to take the test until I am absolutely confident I know the material so I don’t have to take te test again, but as of now I don’t even have time to clean my room because of my school work taking up most of my time and energy. Yes, the car does run and is being driven while I am studying, my dad drives her to work.

What did you name your car?

  • I’m stuck no Lorraine but I haven’t settled.

Any boys in your life?

  • Nope.

Are you dating?

  • I have a girlfriend named Raine. She is older, and she has a job, and I am very happy with her. We have been together since September. No my parents do not know about this and yes I would like to keep it that way, please don’t mention it because I will deny it.

How are your sister and her kids?

  • They’re great. My sister is great and her family is great. Trinity is in girl scouts this year and is sold me girl scout cookies for my never ending cheat days. It's pretty great.

Try Bambi.

  • I will just don’t look at me while I do it it makes me anxious. I’m sure Bambi tastes great.

Have you caught up on The Walking Dead?

  • Yes I have. It is annoying me to no end as of late. It’s not as good as the comics and frankly I think Carl’s death was a mistake but will see how it pans out. Yes, I still love Negan.

It’s not that I don’t know what to say when you ask, it’s that I am shy. On the spot, I don’t do well answering your questions, so here are your answers to all the questions that come up every year. I know it was a big year for me, going off to college and what not and you’re just itching to know more. If I missed anything, feel free to ask now that the basics are out of the way.

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