Hey, I just wanted to start off by saying “Thanks a lot, you really ruined a lot of lives, so I hope you’re happy!” But I don’t just want to be another angry teenager on a rant about the president because I’m sure there are a million more letters like mine, but doesn’t that show how serious this loss is? The fact that thousands of teenagers, the people of the future, the people who this election is going to benefit, are scared and upset. What does that show? That this isn’t what the people wanted, but that the angry, bitter, old white men wanted from the country.

They don’t care about us. Us being the Women, the Kids, the Muslims, the Blacks, the people belonging to the LGBT+ community. Donald Trump has expressed his dislike and hate for these parties and the fact that people still sat down and voted for him, upsets me to an unreachable level. As someone who fits into both the Black and the Women category, I’d like to explain that right now, I am terrified. I’ve been coping with it well, but I’m scared. America is predicted to go back 100 years due to the outcome of this election, and while that seems scary to me, the people who elected Donald Trump are the ones who won’t be personally affected by this change at all. They’ll still be on top, and they’ll still be in control, just like they were prior.

Imagine being, if you aren’t already, one of these minorities. Now imagine someone preaching hateful things about you, your family, and your friends. And you’re scared and alone, or so it seems. And you think it’s bad enough people support this man’s views and policies, but then they elect him to lead our government. It’s scary. It’s sad. But most of all, it’s proving that some people just don’t care about others.

But like I already said, I don’t want to be another angry teenager yelling about Donald Trump, but I couldn’t hold it in any longer. Maybe by reading this, it’ll help you grasp just how bad this situation really is.