Dear Depression,

You may no longer control my life. You have caused me pain countless times for reasons I will never know. You come and go, and you ruin me every single time. You have left me feeling like an outsider with everyone who loves me because no one can understand a monster like you. You have made me question my worth more times than I have been confident in it. You have broken some relationships and tested others with the intent of breaking them. You love to see me at my worst, you love to break me down and watch me struggle to pick up the pieces. You love when I give up, you absolutely thrive from it. It fuels you but not anymore.

You may no longer enter my life and my mind, you are unwelcome here. You will no longer beat me till I am bloody or turn me against myself. I will remember my worth every time you whisper in my ear that I am not worthy. I will fight like hell to hold on to my happiness when you are ripping it away from me. I will not let you win because your constant terror and hate has strengthened me, and my hate for you is what fuels me. I will not give up, and I will not let you take any more than you already have. I have lost days and days to you and you will get no more of them.

You had the chance to push me around. You had me questioning who I was. You had me backed into a corner. You had me running away and you had me desperate for any type of life that didn't involve you. I knew that you would never leave me, so I had to choose to leave you. I had to run and fight and pull myself out of it. I had to fight to breathe and fight to think, but finally, I am rid of you. You do not control me any longer, I am free. Good try, but I won this one.


The girl you cannot break