Dear Cubs: 2016 World Series Champs
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Dear Cubs: 2016 World Series Champs

Fly the W! You broke the 108 year curse!

Dear Cubs: 2016 World Series Champs

Dear Chicago Cubs,

Hey Chicago, what d'ya say? How does it feel to Fly the W at the end of a World Series Championship game? The last time "Da Bears" won a championship was in 1985 and Mike Ditka is still hailed as one of the greatest players in Chicago history. The last time the Bulls won a championship was in 1998. You can still go to the United Center and see the statue of Michael Jordan that was proudly dedicated to him that stands right out front. The last time the White Sox won a championship was in 2005.The last time the Blackhawks won a championship was just last year. But as for the Cubs... well, it's been a while. Until now that is.

You brought the Chicago cycle full circle with your 8-7 win last night against the Cleveland Indians. The game was electric and we all know that you guys played your hearts out. Even though the Indians came back to tie the game, you made it count in the extra inning and brought the championship back home to Chicago. Fans from every corner of the country have been waiting for this. Knowledge of the curse has been handed down from generation to generation. Your fans have stood by the team through it all though, and now we are all happy to join you in saying that 108 years later, the curse is finally broken.

If you're going to endure generations of heartbreak, when you finally do get to a World Series, you may as well make it memorable, and you did just that. You kept fans on the edge of their seats, just waiting to see what the next pitch would bring. Now, us Cubs fans can die in peace. No more talk of black cats, billy goats, or Steve Bartman. No more heartache over close encounters that fell short like in 1969, 1984, and 2003. The superstition is over and you're finally reigning champions once again. And not only was the Cubs curse broken last night, you made a 3 games to one deficit comeback on the road for the first time since 1979 when Pittsburg against Baltimore.

The emotion behind all of the World Series games has been intense, but nothing has ever felt better than seeing David Ross hit a solo home run in the final World Series game (which also happened to be his final MLB game - Happy Retirement, Rossy!), or seeing Kris Bryant throw to Anthony Rizzo for that final out that determined it all. So congratulations, Chicago Cubs, on your World Series Championship win! To be able to see so much Chicago blue and red in those stands last night was amazing. Fans came far and wide for the game that will be talked about for the next century and you pulled through. After 108 long years, you're World Series Champs!

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