Dear Close Ones

It is not cute or funny to think that because you are family or a friend you can get away with disrespecting or making a joke of an issue I take seriously.

Although I would rather not...

I can endure conversations about Black Lives Matter versus All Lives Matter.

I can ignore ignorant posts and comments about simple things one should not be ignorant about, as long as they are not directed towards me.

I can survive political and gender talks that annoy and suffocate my soul.

BUT, trying to justify, or making a joke of rape and domestic abuse will not get you any type of respect from me. Such points of view should not be respected by anyone.

In that moment you become a stranger or worse; what binds us will not be of any importance to me.

I like to think that if I was ever a victim of any of these two, I can count on my "family and friends" to fight for justice rather than try to justify my "Brock Turner."

The minute you do anything to threaten this thought, whatever happens after is your fault and believe me when I tell you neither me nor my conscience will feel any responsibility for it.

The world is too broken to feel like my safe circle is a swamp of snakes.

That being said,

How is back to school preparation going?

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