Dear Best Friend That Could Have Been

Dear Best Friend That Could Have Been,

Do you remember the first time we meet? I would understand if you didn’t. You probably don’t remember, I don’t think I played a pivotal point in your life as you did in mine. But I do remember. It was two weeks into fifth grade. You were from another school, so was I, but they combined everyone for middle school.

To be fair, I hadn’t thought of this until last week.

But we meet and there seemed to be a click. Just like that, we were ten years old, curious about whom the other was. It was Ms. M’s class right after lunch. I was sitting alone or at least tried to in my own desk square-circle-thing. I think it was the last few seats left, because I remember meeting another person who I wish I still spoke to.

I was scrolling through Facebook when something triggered me to think of the potential friendship. I haven’t thought of this friendship in ten years.

Somehow, you got through my non-talkative shell. I was actually talking to someone that I didn’t know. I sincerely thank you for that. Anyways, we talked. Hell, we even made plans and exchanged numbers. I remember asking my mother if I could call you and I was so anxious and frightened she would say no. But she said ‘yes,’ I even asked her to repeat it cause I was sure my ears deceived me. I called you, there was no answer but I was so excited to leave a voicemail.

I know now why my mother said yes. It was because her socially awkward daughter made a friend at school and because she loved seeing me giddy.

You called back, our plans fell through but that was fine. I had a new friend and I got to see you the next day. Everything was fine. But as time moved on you made more friends and forgot me. That friendship only lasted a month.

You were never a cruel or mean person and I’m so happy you achieved what you have. I do wonder what would have happened if we stayed friends. The years to come we wouldn’t even have classes with each other. All I remember was brief hello's in passing but that was it.

I’m not one to make friends easily, I love being quiet and alone. Yeah, I have people who know I just don’t talk. But you were something unique, sorta. The truth is in the following years to come in high school and college I would have a lot of similar friendships, and I wouldn’t trade any of those for anything…

… Actually, that’s a lie; I would trade them all for another month of friendship when we were ten. I’ll explain why: you made me into a better person, I started to talk to so many more people, and some of them are very important to me even to this day. Another month of friendship would have been wonderful. But you know what, I’ll still cherish that month. You were a true friend to me, whether you remember or not. I was never really a talker anyways but if I see you again I will thank you.

So, Thank You;

The best friend that never happened

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